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Invitation to use Google Talk Google Talk 5/21/13
No GSoc for OpenIntents friedger 4/19/13
Re: Digest for - 7 Messages in 1 Topic Shivam Bhalla 4/10/13
OI Notepad Shalin Shah 4/3/13
About the Extended testing support for SensorSimulator project Nuran Arachchi 4/3/13
OI Support extension: DEMO App implemented. Harsha Siriwardena 3/30/13
Rotation During Compression Ayush Verma 3/30/13
Extended testing support for SensorSimulator Kumar Sukhani 3/29/13
OI Notepad ThemeDialog Fix Ganz7 3/29/13
[patch] New Test Case for shopping list Yash Girdhar 3/28/13
[ GSoC 2013 ] Design guidelines for Android 4.0 and offline Optical Character Recognition Varun Varshney 3/28/13
GSoC 2013 pro req Gopi M 3/28/13
[GSOC 2013] OI File Manager Connect Yash Girdhar 3/24/13
GSOC 2013 Request Andriy Ermolenko 3/24/13
Reporting OI FM 2.0,2 Multiselect bug Trew Wert 3/21/13
[OI Shopping list Test] error in running the test projects Yash Girdhar 3/21/13
[Idea] [OI Shopping list] Barcode Scanner. Harsha Siriwardena 3/18/13
[GSoC 2013] Enhanced plugin system Malaka Gallage 3/17/13
(GSOC 2013) Enhancement of openintents website Saumya Pathak 3/15/13
OI Support Unnikrishnan Patel 3/12/13
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