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OIFM licence George Venios 4/28/14
Sensor Simulator and Win Android Emu Manuel Camargo Lominchar 4/28/14
OI File Manager Vulnerability friedger 4/24/14
Open Food Shopper plugin for OI Shopping List (5 DAYS BEFORE SUBMITION) Nazim Boudeffa 3/10/14
regarding number of member in group in google summer code 2014 Amit Kumar 3/5/14
OI Filemanager permissions friedger 2/27/14 web site gone? Andy Dennie 2/16/14
OI Filemanager 2.0.5 friedger 2/14/14
OI Shopping List 1.8 release friedger 2/11/14
Have "view password" option for OI Safe password screen and password setting screen Gerv Markham 2/7/14
New Ideas for OI - shopping list wish to work in gsoc 2014 Saurabh Goyal 1/25/14
can't make csv from HS2 read into ShoppingList Sarah Danks 1/12/14
OI Shopping list grammar correction Sarah Danks 1/10/14
Great App idea, wish to work on it for GSoC Furquan Ahmed 12/29/13
OI Shopping List: ui_update branch screenshots aap 12/22/13
OpenIntents Bitcoin address friedger 12/20/13
Known Bug: Must go back to home screen to get Store changes to take effect Al Lastname 12/3/13
OI Filemanager promotion friedger 11/19/13
Interested in contributing to the OpenIntents community Shivam Bhalla 10/7/13
OpenIntents namespace for OpenPGP interface cketti 9/16/13
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