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This list serves BOTH the Crowbar (v1 and v2) communities.  Please feel free to post questions, issues and general design thoughts to the list.

Crowbar started in 2011 and has been primarily developed by the Dell and SUSE as a OpenStack installer ( but has evolved as a much broader function tool.  In January 2014, the v2 of the project was forked into the OpenCrowbar project. Both versions are still in active development.

The code and documentation is distributed under the Apache 2 license ( Contributions back to the source are encouraged.

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OpenCrowbar Community Meeting tomorrow 12pm Eastern Time Judd Maltin 3/4/15
IPMI Discover Task on OpenCrowbar hung Soheil Eizadi 3/3/15
Ubuntu 14.04 Soheil Eizadi 2/25/15
Node Discovery Problem Soheil Eizadi 2/25/15
Problems with Server Discovery Soheil Eizadi 2/24/15
OpenStack Reference Architecture Support by OpenCrowbar Soheil Eizadi 2/23/15
Two Errors After installation Soheil Eizadi 2/18/15
OpenCrowbar Community Call Wednesday 2015-02-18 Judd Maltin 2/18/15
OpenCrowbar Community Call Wednesday Judd Maltin 2/11/15
Root password changed during installation? Soheil Eizadi 2/10/15
how to update attributes? Sean Beeg 2/9/15
Failed to load Ubuntu 14.04 ISO Soheil Eizadi 2/8/15
Time of Community Meeting? Move to 10 Central? Rob Hirschfeld 2/4/15
Community Notes 2/4 Rob Hirschfeld 2/4/15
Story Points Scott Jensen 2/2/15
Community Meeting 1-28-15 Minutes Rob Hirschfeld 1/29/15
Broom VM on SourceForge Scott Jensen 1/16/15
Video from 1/7 Community Meeting > WOW, Ops Service Architecture! Rob "zehicle" Hirschfeld 1/10/15
Crowbar v2.1 videos uploaded including OpenStack, Salt & Chef Provisioning Rob Hirschfeld 1/9/15
Community Meeting Notes 01-07-2015 Judd Maltin 1/7/15
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