Welcome to the developers discussion forum for the Open Cooperative Web Framework project. This discussion group is intended for contributors (open source developers) who are or desire to participate in the advancement of this web technology.
The Open Cooperative Web Framework enables the creation of cooperative web applications featuring concurrent real-time interactions among remote users and external data sources. The framework handles remote notification of user changes, the resolution of conflicting changes, and convergence of application state with minimal information from the application.

The current implementation of the framework is based on open web technologies such as Dojo, cometD, Bayeux, and WebSocket. The framework includes:

* A JavaScript API for sending and receiving coweb events
* A JavaScript *operation engine* using operational transformation to resolve conflicting, simultaneous changes
* A Python coweb server built on the Tornado web server
* A Java coweb server built on cometd-java
* API documentation, tutorials, and examples

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[opencoweb/coweb] cbe760: Issue #203 working to get subscribeService to work... GitHub 11/27/12
[opencoweb/coweb] 7e7aed: moderator CollabInterface correctly send syncs #20... GitHub 11/27/12
[opencoweb/coweb-jsoe] e87817: Add use case that produces "empty context diff" er... GitHub 11/27/12
[opencoweb/coweb] fd22dc: Issue #229. GitHub 11/27/12
[opencoweb/coweb] 6deb1d: CollabInterface for python moderator can send sync... GitHub 11/21/12
[opencoweb/coweb] 4aed63: WebSocket accept server frames correctly, but we o... GitHub 11/20/12
[opencoweb/coweb] 02224a: Sending frames works GitHub 11/20/12
[opencoweb/coweb] 17cce1: Working towards websockets v13 message GitHub 11/19/12
[opencoweb/coweb] 5deb72: Python moderator work #203. Fix pythong OT engine ... GitHub 11/16/12
[opencoweb/coweb] aa0cfa: Python moderator work #203 GitHub 11/13/12
[opencoweb/coweb] 84568c: Python moderator work and general clean up #203 GitHub 11/13/12
[opencoweb/coweb] 638595: Cleaning up python code #203 GitHub 11/12/12
[opencoweb/coweb] c36fec: Python work #203 GitHub 11/12/12
[opencoweb/coweb] c16bd2: More Python 3 changes. #203 GitHub 11/5/12
[opencoweb/coweb] GitHub 11/1/12
[opencoweb/coweb] b9c363: Removed old javascript files, updated build script... GitHub 11/1/12
[opencoweb/coweb] c13337: Version bump for 0.8.5-SNAPSHOT GitHub 11/1/12
[opencoweb/coweb] 3eb314: Version stamp for Stable Build 0.8.4 GitHub 11/1/12
[opencoweb/coweb] 63e2bb: Fixes to javadoc, sphinx doc GitHub 10/31/12
[opencoweb/coweb] 10d403: Update comap tutorial describing the differences b... GitHub 10/31/12
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