Welcome to the developers discussion forum for the Open Cooperative Web Framework project. This discussion group is intended for contributors (open source developers) who are or desire to participate in the advancement of this web technology.
The Open Cooperative Web Framework enables the creation of cooperative web applications featuring concurrent real-time interactions among remote users and external data sources. The framework handles remote notification of user changes, the resolution of conflicting changes, and convergence of application state with minimal information from the application.

The current implementation of the framework is based on open web technologies such as Dojo, cometD, Bayeux, and WebSocket. The framework includes:

* A JavaScript API for sending and receiving coweb events
* A JavaScript *operation engine* using operational transformation to resolve conflicting, simultaneous changes
* A Python coweb server built on the Tornado web server
* A Java coweb server built on cometd-java
* API documentation, tutorials, and examples

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Undo feature Qusai Jouda 7/16/14
Website Shutdown Vinomaster 3/24/14
[opencoweb/coweb] 5c2db0: Update README.rst GitHub 3/24/14
[opencoweb/coweb] 5822af: Require Tornado 2.4 GitHub 7/7/13
[opencoweb/coweb] 782efa: Update version references to 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT GitHub 1/8/13
[opencoweb/coweb] ca79da: Don'y symlink coweb javascript GitHub 12/13/12
[opencoweb/coweb] 263aa5: Fix python doc (virtualenv) GitHub 12/13/12
[opencoweb/coweb] ea2629: Update references to use v1.0 GitHub 12/13/12
[opencoweb/coweb] GitHub 12/13/12
[opencoweb/coweb] 495876: Fix regression when I removed CowebSecurityPolicy GitHub 12/12/12
[opencoweb/coweb] 342ace: Update python moderator API to match that of Java'... GitHub 12/12/12
[opencoweb/coweb] e76fd5: Remove CowebSecurityPolicy #226 GitHub 12/12/12
[opencoweb/coweb] 3b4826: Make moderator implementation agnostic #228 GitHub 12/11/12
[opencoweb/coweb] b1f06d: Update development docs GitHub 12/10/12
[opencoweb/coweb] 3b1db5: Fixed minor python opengine bug #203 GitHub 12/7/12
[opencoweb/coweb] 169432: Move last file over to google dojo 1.8.0 cdn GitHub 12/6/12
[opencoweb/coweb] 8e8a91: Issue #227: Added optional prepare-argument 'userD... GitHub 12/5/12
[opencoweb/coweb] 35fc32: Python OE engine purges and sends engine syncs per... GitHub 12/5/12
[opencoweb/coweb] 854b56: Moderator postService and server sends error respo... GitHub 12/5/12
[opencoweb/coweb] 0aad93: Issue #203 moderator can subscribe to service mess... GitHub 12/3/12
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