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Weekly work coordination meetings (Tuesdays, 10:00EDT) William Hayes 3/22/16
BEL and its relations to other languages - SBGN, PioPAX, SBML Alexander Mazein 1:01 PM
Organizing the World, Daily Nick Bargnesi 5/26/16
bel.rb, version 0.7.0 released! Anthony Bargnesi 4/12/16
bel.rb, version 0.6.0 released! Anthony Bargnesi 3/15/16
Interest in contributing to OpenBEL GSOC 2016 Djimeli Konrad 3/15/16
OpenBEL Architecture slides are loaded William Hayes 2/18/16
bel.rb, version 0.5.0 released! Anthony Bargnesi 2/10/16
Good candidate for contributing to bel.rb. Anthony Bargnesi 2/10/16
re. Sequence similary and protein-drug target representation Irina Balaur 2/10/16
OpenBEL Architecture Meeting - Jan 28th, 09:00-12:00 EST William Hayes 1/29/16
Fixing OpenBEL chat Anthony Bargnesi 1/19/16
OpenBEL terminology: A short survey Anthony Bargnesi 1/19/16
OpenBEL moves under the tranSMART Foundation William Hayes 12/16/15
Contents of the large_corpus.bel and small_corpus.bel files Roberto Mosca 12/15/15
BEL RDF Data Model 12/9/15
OpenBEL Platform milestones Anthony Bargnesi 11/10/15
Gitter chat for OpenBEL Anthony Bargnesi 11/10/15
OpenBEL code contribution guidelines William Hayes 11/2/15
RDF URIs for BEL entities William Hayes 10/27/15
Planning for OpenBEL Resource Generator development William Hayes 10/22/15
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