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Welcome to the Open Badges Dev Group! This is a group for contributors, issuers, displayers, and individuals interested in Open Badges development.

We've just released the v1.1 specification. Check it out!

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Find the rigth way to configure BD constas in config.json file Lissette compartia 2/2/16
Activity in Backpack GitHub repo Jason Baker 1/6/16
Open PR for Backpack Kyle Laverty 1/5/16
Openbadges and Persona Fabio Barone 12/31/15
Is there someone who can assist me in resolving issues I'm having with my Thunderbird account ? Christiaan Oranje 12/30/15
Associate multiple email addresses to an Open Badges account Bryan Sutherland 12/16/15
No puedo reclamar mi badges Oswaldo Coronado 12/13/15
Problemas para agregar una cuenta de correo Federico Giraudo 12/9/15
CERT ISSUE? - could not get assertion: unreachable Lee Bartelme 12/3/15
SVG quirks Nate Otto 12/1/15
Taxonomies Working Group Update Kerri Lemoie 11/25/15
Fwd: Open Badges Community Call for today (Nov 25) canceled. Nate Otto 11/25/15
Proposal for another step forward - animated gifs Szabó Nagy Attila 11/24/15
Taxonomies Working Group - Looking for a Co-Lead Kerri Lemoie 11/20/15
NO PUEDO AGREGAR MIS BADGES Jose Gustavo Hernandez Reyes 11/17/15
Error pushing badgekit on Heroku (Self Hosting Guide) 11/2/15
BadgeKit Self-Hosting API issue Daman Beatty 10/31/15
"Too few args to sprintf" -- Help needed Chuck Shipman 10/28/15
Standard Working Group Call today - 27 October 2015 Nate Otto 10/27/15
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