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Welcome to the Open Badges Dev Group! This is a group for contributors, issuers, displayers, and individuals interested in Open Badges development.

We've just released the v1.1 specification. Check it out!

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New Day/Time for Standing Working Group Calls 7/26/16
Login Issue, Probably persona related. Colin Griffith 7/26/16
Call for Consensus: Name Change: "IssuerOrganization" -> "Issuer Profile" Nate Otto 7/26/16
Call for consensus: Merge non-technical FAQ into openbadges-specification Nate Otto 7/26/16
Self hosting doesn't install on Ubuntu 16.04 Nasir Khan 7/11/16
Q3 Standard Working Group Calls Nate Otto 7/5/16
Use Cases compiled by members of the Open Badges Network to consider re: technical issues 6/7/16
Private/Public key Excel 6/7/16
3 calls this week 6/6/16
Open Badges Tech Panel today (noon ET) Nate Otto 6/1/16
Associate multiple email addresses to an Open Badges account Bryan Sutherland 5/31/16
Clarification on Signed Badges Excel 5/31/16
Badge Authenticity Excel 5/24/16
Standard Working Group Call Today May 24: License Extension Nate Otto 5/24/16
Image placement based on Type Excel 5/11/16
Getting error while trying to install BadgeKit dependencies Anton Nemtsev 5/10/16
Community is DEAD! Anton Nemtsev 5/10/16
More dead openbages resources. Anton Nemtsev 5/10/16
How to delete archived or published badge completely? Anton Nemtsev 5/10/16
Calls this week: Higher Ed & Community Call Nate Otto 5/2/16
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