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Welcome to the Open Badges Dev Group! This is a group for contributors, issuers, displayers, and individuals interested in Open Badges development.

We've just released the v1.1 specification. Check it out!

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Arduino Badges Raspberry Pieman 4/14/16
Canvabadges to Mozilla Backpack Fort Lewis College eLearning 4/13/16
Community Call Canceled for 13 April Nate Otto 4/12/16
how to upload badges manually? Pierr Daniel Chino Lurita 4/11/16
No puedo reclamar mi badges Oswaldo Coronado 4/11/16
Installed BadgeKit and Get "Signup Closed" message when I log in.. How do I fix this. Christopher Darkins 4/11/16
Could not get JSON asserted? Rene van Dijk 4/7/16
Problem after upgrading openbadges Eduardo Gutiérrez 3/30/16
Standard Working Group Call Today (29 March) Nate Otto 3/29/16
Calls this week: Higher Ed Tuesday, Community Call Wednesday Nate Otto 3/20/16
Open Badges and Moodle John Blaser 3/16/16
Error en la captura de E-mail en mozilla persona. Luis Alfonso Sanchez Contreras 3/11/16
Empathy Certificate Jeppe Larsen 3/8/16
Calls this week: Higher Ed today and Community Call tomorrow Nate Otto 3/8/16
Error en la captura del e-mail Luis Alfonso Sanchez Contreras 3/7/16
Standard Working Group Call today - 27 October 2015 Nate Otto 2/26/16
Find the rigth way to configure BD constas in config.json file Lissette compartia 2/2/16
Activity in Backpack GitHub repo Jason Baker 1/6/16
Open PR for Backpack Kyle Laverty 1/5/16
Openbadges and Persona Fabio Barone 12/31/15
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