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This group is for developers using Open Badges and is often a great place to get technical help.

Latest 2.0 draft:

The current v1.1

The Open Badges Spec will move to IMS Global in January 2017.

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Trying To Get Help With Thunderbird - Needing To Download Yahoo Webmail Todd White 2/1/17
How to change server Tom M 1/27/17
Summit on Digital Credentials and Badges 1/11/17
Pull request #99: Open Badges 2.0 Recommendation Nate Otto 12/31/16
Standard Working Group meetings Dec 22 and 26-30 Nate Otto 12/22/16
Open Badges Community Call for 14 December 2016 Nate Otto 12/14/16
Draft in progress of Open Badges v2.0 Nate Otto 12/8/16
We had a problem in V50.0.1 for the drop down background color is not displaying Arun Sarvan 12/8/16
Can an issuer check if a badge is backpacked? Xinyue Wu 12/2/16
Open Badges Standard Working Group meeting canceled for today, October 27 Nate Otto 10/27/16
Help regarding badge issuing Ankit Sahay 10/19/16
503 Service Unavailable When Pushing Badge Jon Yu 10/5/16
No baked data! Maria Cristina Bevilacqua 10/4/16
Prioritization voting for Open Badges 2.0 features Nate Otto 9/29/16
Openbadges and Persona Fabio Barone 9/28/16
The service is shutting down Martin Vögeli 9/26/16
Open Badges Standard Working Group meeting Agenda September 15 Nate Otto 9/14/16
Standard Working Group Call Today (August 18) 2pm ET Nate Otto 8/18/16
Issue getting badgr web front end to respond Colin Griffith 8/8/16
Login Issue, Probably persona related. Colin Griffith 8/8/16
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