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Welcome to the Open Badges Dev Group! This is a group for contributors, issuers, displayers, and individuals interested in Open Badges development.

We've just released the v1.1 specification. Check it out!

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Open Badges Community Call - September 30 2015 Nate Otto 9/30/15
Taxonomy Working Group Bi-Weekly Meeting Time Survey Kerri Lemoie 9/29/15
[[assertion.badge.image]] 404 (Not Found) Tom Sublewski 9/29/15
Today's Community Call: Taxonomy Discussion Kerri Lemoie 9/23/15
Open Badges Internationalisation Serge Ravet 9/23/15
Still have an issue with creating/editing badges/templates on new install Charles Schultz 9/19/15
Local badgekit seems to "go to sleep" if not used for a while Charles Schultz 9/11/15
Unable to login to badgekit (cross-posted to the Community group) Charles Schultz 9/11/15
Installed BadgeKit and Get "Signup Closed" message when I log in.. How do I fix this. Christopher Darkins 9/10/15
"Tried to get undefined file at undefined and got an HTTP undefined" when pushing badge to backpack Dimitris Giatras 9/10/15
Openbadges beta version not responding Sumit Ghai 9/2/15
Badge Caching 8/25/15
Badgekit Installed, running, but doing nothing Nestor Rojas 8/19/15
Como puedo ser parte del grupo que emite Badges Luis PiMo 8/13/15
Creating Badges using Google Spreadsheet Szabó Nagy Attila 8/4/15
Fwd: BA Standard Call for 4 August 2015 Nate Otto 8/3/15
OBI ideas Szabó Nagy Attila 7/29/15
Does anyone still use the #badges IRC channel? Anh Nguyen 7/24/15
Open Badges Community Call - July 22, 2015 Nate Otto 7/24/15
Badgekit all set up... but I need a bit of direction Roy Marquez 7/21/15
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