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Looking for a partnership for my digital badge art creator tool, BadgeSoup carl nestor 11:40 AM
Kicking off the next phase of Open Badges 2.0 specification development Nate Otto 9:38 AM
30-minute #BadgeChatK12 on Twitter Today! Chris Crytzer 8/22/16
Introductory video? Wayne Gibbons 8/22/16
#OpenEpic Twitter Chat - Mon, August 22, 9:00am – 9:30am PT Chris Crytzer 8/21/16
Is Mozilla Backpack going away? If so, What can I replace it with? Deborah Clark 8/21/16
Final Call of the OBHE Working Group! Roberta (Robin) Sullivan 8/21/16
Examples of digital badges for professional development for teachers Jordi Rosquillas Tovilla 8/20/16
Pushback against Competency Based Learning, Badges, etc Greg Mcverry 8/18/16
LearningIsEarning2026 Project -- "Edublocks" mikeo 8/18/16
pop up messages. DK Kim 8/18/16
Is it possible to issue open badges from DOTNET Application?? Naveen Raj 8/18/16
Standard Working Group Call Today (August 18) 2pm ET Nate Otto 8/18/16
How can make a badges? (Como ser emisor de OpenBadges ) Jesus Jimenez 8/17/16
OpenBadges and leaderboards Andy Chidwick 8/17/16
Integration of OpenBadges on Sharepoint based Collab Martin Geisenhainer 8/16/16
#badgechatK12 today & 3 calls this week! Chris Crytzer 8/16/16
Feedback / advice on Criteria for Badges Peter O'Shea 8/15/16
OpenEpic Twitter Chat and Community Call this week! Chris Crytzer 8/7/16
Could a digital badge carry a stigma? Robert Columbia 8/5/16
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