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Invitation: Annual IMS Summit on Digital Credentials, Feb 27-28 Jeff Bohrer 1/16/18
ORA call Wed Jan 17: "An Open Recognition Action Framework" 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm UK / 6pm CET Don Presant 1/12/18
Badge evidence for sensitive projects Teresa Mackinnon 1/11/18
Links and upcoming events for Badge News #24? Doug Belshaw 1/11/18
Introducing Vahid Masrour Vahid Masrour 1/10/18
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Switching Badge Platforms: Migrating Content Ian August 1/9/18
Logistics of Issuing Badges Ian August 1/9/18
Target date for Backpack to accept v2 Open Badges? Don Presant 1/5/18
UK government research into Open Badges & e-certificates DRM 1/4/18
Prior Art Relevant to Patent Applications 12/10/17
Interesting article on Credential Registry Karen Jeffrey 12/8/17
db-migrate up -> ER_ACCESS_DENIED_ERROR 12/6/17
Links and upcoming events for Badge News #23? Doug Belshaw 12/5/17
Pearson is attempting to patent digital credentials Doug Belshaw 12/4/17
ORA call Wed Dec 6: "Open Recognition: moving from 2017 to 2018" 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm UK / 6pmCET Don Presant 12/4/17
Open Badges Validator returns could not retrieve url 12/3/17
Extra Data ("additional description") Extension proposal Nate Otto 12/1/17
LinkedIn Arnold Kee 12/1/17
Badge Wiki: LAUNCH! Doug Belshaw 12/1/17
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