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Council of the European Union calls for full open access to scientific research by 2020 tvol 5/27/16
FOSTER: Designing Successful Open Access and Open Data Policies tvol 5/16/16
RE: [open-policy-network] Abridged summary of - 1 update in 1 topic Paula Morais 5/16/16
Fifty shades of open Varun Arora 5/15/16
OER DIGEST - May 12, 2016 Ethan Senack 5/12/16
2 interesting articles on open access tvol 5/10/16
OpenCon 2016 Announced for November 12-14 in Washington DC Nick Shockey 4/26/16
Vice President Biden: Taxpayer-funded cancer research shouldn’t sit behind walls tvol 4/22/16
Ryan Merkley's op-ed in WIRED on public access to publicly-funded research tvol 4/18/16
Institute for Open Leadership fellows reporting back on their open policy projects tvol 4/15/16
[OER DIGEST] Pervasive Pirating, Happy Birthday to OpenCourseWare, Conference Deadlines Ethan Senack 4/14/16
reminder: Open Policy Call today Kelsey Wiens 4/7/16
OA and Research Funders: A Report on Challenges, Opportunities, and Collaboration tvol 4/6/16
New Videos: Open Education Policy and Practice Cable Green 4/5/16
[The OER Digest] 50 Million Free Articles, A New Pearson Partnership, and Conference Deadlines Ethan Senack 3/31/16
Openness + GLAM case studies tvol 3/28/16
Reporting back on the Institute for Open Leadership 2 tvol 3/28/16
[The OER Digest] State Goes Open, White House too Ethan Senack 3/17/16
draft open source software policy for custom code developed for U.S. federal gov tvol 3/10/16
University of Edinburgh approves OER Policy Lorna Campbell 3/9/16
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