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Cubasis Freeze Option Nguyen Minh Tien 3:11 AM
Virtual Midi Callback Procs never called Rick Hoiberg 2/22/14
Inter-app Audio Nguyen Minh Tien 2/11/14
OMAC SysEx Container Amos 2/5/14
BlueMidi - MIDI over Bluetooth Mikkel Gravgaard 1/31/14
MidiBus Library Alex Matheu (Glitchbreaks) 12/20/13
Arpist beta Jesse Jost 11/25/13
on the subject of Virtual MIDI Ben Kamen 11/21/13
Reminder: NDA is over! Wanna share iOS7, Inter-App Audio and other experiences? nlogmusic (TempoRubato - NLogSynth) 11/1/13
New inter-app audio group created Rim Buntinas 9/19/13
Re: Digest for - 1 Message in 1 Topic hans ( 9/11/13
WWDC Aaron Pride (Sample Lab) 6/7/13
Comprehensive Mode Naming System iClifDotMe 5/20/13
How can I receive MIDI input from Alesis IO dock? hans ( 5/3/13
Naming of virtual ports Nic G (Audeonic Apps) 3/20/13
MusicSequence with MidiPackets Max Muthig 3/11/13
background audio issue soh_la 1/14/13
NAMM Jeffrey Horton 1/12/13
CoreMIDI on Line6 Mobilizer and PC Networks Ben Kamen 1/7/13
Getting MIDI ahead of time Jonatan Liljedahl 1/7/13
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