Discussion about opal, the ruby to javascript compiler.

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Current Status of Opal Native Dennis Prochniak 1/28/15
why is this link to difficult to find keshav bhide 1/19/15
Uncaught NoMethodError: undefined method `Native' for main keshav bhide 1/17/15
Uncaught NoMethodError: undefined method `alert' for main keshav bhide 1/17/15
Far from a Javascript VM of ruby? Bráulio Bhavamitra 12/13/14
undefined is not a function using UIATarget.localTarget() David Birdsall 11/27/14
Porting errors Sreeharsha Mudivarti 8/28/14
My slides from last night's take at Ruby.mn Steve Tuckner 8/26/14
Is it possible to compile ruby to js in a way that the ruby functions could be used from javascript? Emiliano Heyns 7/22/14
Can Opal classes be extended from javascript ? Sreeharsha Mudivarti 7/12/14
Ruby - Write Once, Run Anywhere Michal Taszycki 6/11/14
Universal Ruby Gems in 20 Lines of Code Michal Taszycki 6/7/14
HN discussion Elia Schito 6/7/14
Starting work on a wrapper for Knockout.js Jared White 5/15/14
"too much recursion" failure when comparing numbers Dan Allen 5/14/14
sharing code between server and client Thijs de Vries 5/14/14
Karthikeyan A K is still waiting for you to join Twitter... Karthikeyan A K (via Twitter) 5/14/14
Karthikeyan A K sent you an invitation Karthikeyan A K (via Twitter) 5/10/14
Where is opal.js? Alex Loh 4/16/14
opal-rspec questions Thijs de Vries 4/4/14
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