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Removed from calendars Jay Hannah 11/4/16
'Hacker Hours' Travis Smith 8/9/16
Interested in (revival of) this group Benjamin Brinkman 7/15/16
Presenting PRI TIF (hey look, its #perl) Jay Hannah 4/14/16
Domain "" available if anyone wants it Jay Hannah 4/6/16
Meeting tonight (2016/02/23)? Chamelaeon Wombatowski 2/23/16
FYI: OMG website is down (code subdomain is OK) <EOM> Dave Loyall 2/16/16
Tue Jan 26 meeting Jay Hannah 1/22/16
Meeting tonight 7pm? Jay Hannah 12/29/15
Laser-cut re-make project David Knaack 12/7/15
Meeting tonight? Jay Hannah 12/2/15
Rookie making a website Chad Juranek 11/29/15
Nov 3 meeting? Jay Hannah 11/3/15
Arduino 101 David Knaack 10/16/15
Amazon IoT David Knaack 10/10/15
Meeting tonight? Jay Hannah 10/6/15
Meeting tonight! 7pm! Jay Hannah 10/6/15
Tues Sep 1 6:30 PM - OLUG meeting - git 101 jay.hannah 8/27/15
Tonight 6pm: Hierarchical data in relational databases... SoEasy! Jay Hannah 8/13/15
Aug 11 meeting? Thursday @ Agape Red jay.hannah 8/12/15
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