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This is a list for people interested in developing for or with Omeka, the open-source web publishing tool.

End users looking for support should instead post on the forums.

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Moving Image Type Metadata and YouTube Import plugin pcdigitalservices 4/13/15
Translating 'Browse Collections' etc., in David Shirley 4/7/15
help with addRoute 4/2/15
Creating Neatline Widgets Zach Phillips-Gary 3/30/15
Best practice for modifying public_nav_main? Tyler Mobley 3/27/15
Omeka 2.3 is out! patrickmj 3/19/15
Exhibit builder nancym 3/10/15
Developer Transitioning from Wordpress Walkingmiller 2/27/15
Omeka Storage Adapter in plugin Oldřich Vykydal 2/24/15
Global function current_user() returning null while logged in Thom Mc 2/18/15
Security release: Omeka 2.2.1 patrickmj 2/17/15
SolrSearch default RequestHandler Tyler Mobley 2/13/15
display items titles from items ids 2/11/15
Changing the Exhibit Builder 3 summary/start page Mike Hagedon 2/6/15
Omeka 3 roadmap and current status? Jaron Kennel 2/6/15
Zend_Session_Exception nancym 2/5/15
VRACoreElementSet Dale Poulter 2/5/15
User groups in Omeka Diego Ferreyra 2/4/15
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