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This is a list for people interested in developing for or with Omeka, the open-source web publishing tool.

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Perform controller logic before sending user to their requested route Douglas Duhaime 9/2/16
checkboxes in plugins leading to new plugins Antonina Panayiotou 9/2/16
Rack middleware for Omeka 2.3.1: are there any examples? Douglas Duhaime 9/2/16
Photo grid layout 8/31/16
Trimming HTML from DC:Title string for sorting Jeremy Boggs 8/30/16
Video Playback Problem Amos Kujenga 8/30/16
Dropbox plugin path error? Ken S. McAllister 8/24/16
Moving Text field to top Kate Ellenberger 8/21/16
Add Input button not working as expected Amos Kujenga 8/18/16
Help with .htaccess file Trident Administrator 8/12/16
troubleshooting downloading and running "Add Item" plugin Antonina Panayiotou 8/9/16
WCAG 2.0 compliance? Ariana French 7/26/16
Embargo plugin work patrickmj 7/18/16
Display recent exhibits on homepage Erin Bell 7/18/16
Technical capabilities of plugins vs themes? Douglas Duhaime 6/30/16
php table names where in SQL tables? Antonina Panayiotou 6/30/16
Minimum requirements for plugins in Omeka 2.3 Douglas Duhaime 6/29/16
Advanced Search with Solr Search plugin Anneliese Dehner 6/17/16
insert item type doesn't update the database Antonina Panayiotou 6/17/16
Image derivatives and adding my own. Adam Cooper 6/15/16
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