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This is a list for people interested in developing for or with Omeka, the open-source web publishing tool.

End users looking for support should instead post on the forums.

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Omeka-S dev list Franck Dupont 2/23/16
before_save_record 2/22/16
Customize admin/items/browse view Lukas Pukas 2/16/16
Who are the Omeka developers? patrickmj 2/16/16
Digital History Archive of São Roque (Brazil) is using Omeka Arquivo São Roque 2/11/16
Omeka S alpha release, request for feedback patrickmj 2/10/16
Call for info about our developers patrickmj 2/10/16
Create a data model in Omeka-S Franck Dupont 1/29/16
Installers patrickmj 1/28/16
Product Accessibility Template? Jessica Berrellez 1/28/16
Fedora Connector Wilhelmina Randtke 1/28/16
Transcribing A/V Paul Allen 1/25/16
Omeka 2.4 John Flatness 1/21/16
api_resources filter and plugin controller search path Sarah Weissman 1/21/16
Transcribing documents and A/V Paul Allen 1/21/16
FedoraConnector plugin Wilhelmina Randtke 1/19/16
Omeka symposium livestream 1/18/16
Relations between items Adel Ghamnia 1/15/16
BigStuff Omeka Theme Doug Palmer 1/12/16
All-edits page Donald Quarles 1/8/16
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