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This is a list for people interested in developing for or with Omeka, the open-source web publishing tool.

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solr plugin and The configured PHP path () is invalid. 5/2/14
Displaying elements from one element set in another Caitlin Nelson 4/30/14
can i rename the DC element in 4/27/14
get_theme_option VFHwebdev 4/22/14
SolrSearch and FedoraConnector for Omeka 2.x - release candidates David McClure 4/22/14
Upgrading to Omeka 2.0 with a non-standard element set Anne Wootton 4/16/14
Missing translation of Item Type Metadata Daniel Lind 4/14/14
Permission to edit Exhibit builder nancym 4/10/14
[omeka-dev] Automatically adding geolocation to items Rose Abernathy 4/7/14
Omeka 2.2 sneak preview: Derviative (thumbnail) changes, Imagick, and more John Flatness 4/4/14
question regarding the dropbox plugin gjergj sheldija 4/2/14
PHP POST to Omeka Contribution Cory Bohon 3/31/14
Quickly build virtual Omeka dev. environments with Vagrant/Puppet MK 3/31/14
CVS Import plugin error logging Steve Knoblock 3/31/14
New plugin: DSpace REST API Harvester Ying Jin 3/31/14
Set an item type and its elements load automatically as the default for Item Type Metadata when adding an item 3/26/14
Unable to login Mary Weppler 3/25/14
Little error in "Thanks, Roy" theme Benoist Lawniczak 3/20/14
How to filter repeating metadata elements Steve Knoblock 3/17/14
Element set label + description questions Caitlin Nelson 3/17/14
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