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This is a list for people interested in developing for or with Omeka, the open-source web publishing tool.

It will be closed to new posts on October 15, 2017. Questions and discussion should be asked on the forums or in the relevant GitHub repository issues.

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Adjusting User Priviledges Amos Kujenga 10/31/16
Connecting to a remote mysql database. Josh Beauregard 10/30/16
How to make files for items private/public? Lukas Pukas 10/10/16
Moving toward Omeka S documentation patrickmj 10/10/16
Geolocation plugin and Google maps marker clustering Anneliese Dehner 10/5/16
CSV export Rachel Di Cresce 9/28/16
'Mysqli statement execute error : Column 'added' cannot be null Heather Klish 9/12/16
Require authentication for certain routes Douglas Duhaime 9/2/16
Perform controller logic before sending user to their requested route Douglas Duhaime 9/2/16
checkboxes in plugins leading to new plugins Antonina Panayiotou 9/2/16
Rack middleware for Omeka 2.3.1: are there any examples? Douglas Duhaime 9/2/16
Photo grid layout 8/31/16
Trimming HTML from DC:Title string for sorting Jeremy Boggs 8/30/16
Video Playback Problem Amos Kujenga 8/30/16
Dropbox plugin path error? Ken S. McAllister 8/24/16
Moving Text field to top Kate Ellenberger 8/21/16
Add Input button not working as expected Amos Kujenga 8/18/16
Help with .htaccess file Trident Administrator 8/12/16
troubleshooting downloading and running "Add Item" plugin Antonina Panayiotou 8/9/16
WCAG 2.0 compliance? Ariana French 7/26/16
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