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Can anyone loan me a video camera? Ben H 5/25/16
New to Omaha and looking for a hackerspace 5/24/16
Tuesday Meeting - With 100% More Presentation! Ben H 5/23/16
Free (as in TINSTAAFLl) two post computer racks Dave Thacker 5/23/16
Power Tool Racing at Bay Area Maker Faire Kevin Neubauer 5/22/16
Re: [OMG] Power Tool Rayklyttmllcing at Bay cfmArea Maker Faire Daniel Pfile 5/22/16
OMGWTFBBQ - This Saturday - 12 Noon! Kevin Fusselman 5/21/16
Board of Directors ejk00 5/20/16
Membership drive update - 9 days left! Kevin Fusselman 5/16/16
OMGWTFBBQ 2016 - May 21st - Sign up Now! Kevin Fusselman 5/13/16
Dacron sail repair tape? David Knaack 5/13/16
Fry's Electronics ejk00 5/12/16
Meeting tonight! Kevin Fusselman 5/10/16
Goodbye Workshop Wednesdays, Hello Tinkering Thursdays! Kevin Fusselman 5/9/16
What if useful robots were so cheap everyone had them? Jason B 5/7/16
Ice cream? Kevin Fusselman 5/5/16
Don't Forget - No Workshop Wednesday (ever)! Ben H 5/4/16
Two wheeled unicycle / non-hovering hoverboard replacement parts kyle 4/29/16
Fwd: Cool Plant Box, Fun for Makers ejk00 4/28/16
Off-Topic - FE Exam ejk00 4/27/16
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