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Makerspace is Closed! 12:51 PM
Makerspace is Open! 7:08 AM
Couch? ejk00 5:53 AM
Make Lincoln Oct 8th Brandon Norris 9/23/16
Part Finishing Survey Kaushik Ramini 9/22/16
Tonight ejk00 9/22/16
Low(er) cost desktop waterjet cutter! Ryan Stille 9/21/16
Low cost SmartThings temp sensing? David Knaack 9/20/16
"Metamaterial" 3D printing Kevin Fusselman 9/18/16
Ideal for cutting 15kv cable? Jeff B. 9/18/16
Fwd: Food Computer Display at UNO Biagio Arobba 9/15/16
Knitting s. 9/13/16
Question on a current project Patrick Pecoraro 9/13/16
4x8 sheets in the back room ... Chris Olson 9/13/16
Sodium hydroxide? David Knaack 9/12/16
One way to get ahead.... Kevin Fusselman 9/9/16
Polygraph anyone? Jared W 9/2/16
Achilles' tendon tavshed 9/1/16
Anyone out for a contract gig ? Jared W 8/31/16
Help finding source for this "proximity sensor"? Dave Thacker 8/30/16
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