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Sorta-annual OMG pumpkin carving? Kevin Fusselman 2:38 PM
Makerspace is Closed! 10/23/16
Makerspace is Open! 10/23/16
Kiln Sarah Edwards 10/22/16
Some help with the Lathe Marc M 10/22/16
Axial power rack. Super fun and easy project Matthew DeBlock 10/20/16
Recent Space Improvements ejk00 10/19/16
Ryobi deals at Home Depot Kevin Fusselman 10/18/16
Getting Free Materials on Saturday ejk00 10/17/16
Fwd: [Bulk] Fw: Register now: International Social Robotics Conference in Kansas City Jeff B. 10/17/16
Tie Dye? Kevin Fusselman 10/16/16
SmartThings Kevin Fusselman 10/16/16
battery builders Jed Ring 10/15/16
A Maker's Return Travis Smith 10/12/16
Makerspace is open! Kevin Fusselman 10/11/16
Computer monitor tavshed 10/11/16
Help w/ 3D printing projects Nate 10/10/16
Thank You! ejk00 10/9/16
DIY Plant LED Light Kevin Fusselman 10/8/16
The usual suspects (for imported electronic bits) Kevin Fusselman 10/8/16
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