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Call for Presentation Topics (what are you Making?) Travis Smith 2:30 PM
Makerspace is Closed! 12:24 PM
Makerspace is Open! 12:24 PM
Saturday! Kevin Fusselman 4/28/17
Do we want a welder? Chamelaeon Wombatowski 4/28/17
Introduction 4/28/17
Big BIG News! Tuesday Night! ejk00 4/27/17
Terrifying flight characteristics, but inspired design! Jared W 4/24/17
Bathroom Kevin Fusselman 4/22/17
Project on bench. Dave Thacker 4/20/17
Bathroom update Kevin Fusselman 4/20/17
Makerspace Access Control - Update Kevin Fusselman 4/19/17
Shapoko Upgrades on Make Kevin Fusselman 4/19/17
AVR-based binary clock help/suggestions 4/18/17
CNC tavshed 4/17/17
Deals on PEQ Connected Home Devices - Smartthings Compatible Kevin Fusselman 4/13/17
Open Studio Time on Friday! ejk00 4/12/17
Regarding the drone racing that was sent out Jeff B. 4/12/17
Makerspace Improvements - Attention Keyholders! Kevin Fusselman 4/11/17
Motion detector by front door tavshed 4/8/17
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