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Fwd: Thank You! ejk00 8:44 AM
Favorite Sharpening processes? Patrick Pecoraro 4/15/18
Makerspace is Closed! 4/14/18
Makerspace is Open! 4/14/18
Omaha Mini-MakerFaire Kevin Fusselman 4/14/18
Maker Faire teardown. Dave Thacker 4/12/18
Hot Glue - Neat Statistic Kevin Fusselman 4/7/18
OMG! We need to clean up! (Tomorrow 9 to 1, approximately) Kevin Fusselman 4/7/18
Crystal shaping tools? Patrick Pecoraro 4/5/18
Fwd: Help with Solding Workshop For Mini Maker Faire ejk00 4/4/18
3Doodler 3D-printing Pens ejk00 4/3/18
Micro Center Shopping ejk00 4/3/18
KC MakerFaire June 23/24 - Hotel Info Kevin Fusselman 3/28/18
Thank you! Kevin Fusselman 3/28/18
Good source for end grain balsa panels? Patrick Pecoraro 3/27/18
Laser cutter? Kevin Fusselman 3/27/18
Come Out On Tuesday! ejk00 3/26/18
Python User Group ejk00 3/25/18
Calling all/any 3D microelectronics makers! Derek Stearns 3/25/18
Thursday! Drill/Power Tools Caddy Workshop! Dave Thacker 3/21/18
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