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Welcome to the OpenLayers 3 development discussions group. Thanks for your interest, and we look forward to any contributions you can make. THIS GROUP IS FOR CONTRIBUTORS. If you are a user of OpenLayers 3 and want to ask usage questions, please go to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/openlayers-3 and use the openlayers-3 tag for new questions.

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WPS support Kevin Wheeler 3:58 AM
Antialiasing of ol.style.Text Martin Bauer 3:49 AM
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Compile custom code together with OL3 jm 3/27/15
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WMS-T support? Sai Asuka 3/27/15
How to disable the selection of some layers? Joseph Aiello 3/27/15
Select interaction style not work Fernando Leal 3/27/15
Any example where I can add, edit and delete a vector point in Geoserver (using OpenLyer 3)? Javier Muñoz 3/26/15
How to set an ol.style.text using a source in OpenLayer? Javier Muñoz 3/26/15
OL3 coding style - alphabetical order for class methods Alexandre Dubé 3/26/15
MapGuide Layers michael farrell 3/26/15
StackOverflow for user questions Eric Lemoine 3/26/15
Changed control tooltips? Tobias Dobbrunz 3/26/15
Show icon in centre of polygons tremby 3/25/15
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