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Welcome to the OpenLayers 3 development discussions group. Thanks for your interest, and we look forward to any contributions you can make. THIS GROUP IS FOR CONTRIBUTORS. If you are a user of OpenLayers 3 and want to ask usage questions, please go to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/openlayers-3 and use the openlayers-3 tag for new questions.

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ol.Object real properties Frédéric Junod 2:17 AM
Feature StyleFunction vs. Layer StyleFunction Christoph Eibl 4/24/15
Vector geometries and the 180th meridian / Dateline wrapping issue Peter Parker 4/24/15
Possible bug in ol.interaction.Snap Uwe Schaefer 4/24/15
OpenLayers - how to use single and double click event on feature Shoaib Ijaz 4/24/15
TileCache 2.11 and Openlayers 3 Oscar Quintero 4/24/15
Mapguide Layer Not Updating Gregory Neff 4/22/15
Snap interaction without select. Ilya Devin 4/22/15
How to force to redraw a layer Jean-Marie 4/22/15
Drag a feature POLYGON Maciek 4/22/15
tileLoadFunction with datauri Jorge Rodríguez-Flores Esparza 4/21/15
Ol3-Cesium 1.3 release Guillaume Beraudo 4/21/15
feature Offset John Müller 4/21/15
How to snap the geometry by ol3.4?There is a snapcontrol in ol2 but find noting in ol3. 梅白帆 4/20/15
WMS Capabilities parser Bart van den Eijnden 4/20/15
problem with gml benbrahim nawel 4/20/15
GetFeatureInfoUrl only for the last layer? elcaiaimar 4/18/15
Intersection area between polygons Pablo 4/17/15
custom build, extend is not a function Davide Muraro 4/17/15
Custom ol.source.ServerVector Raül Barbado 4/17/15
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