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Welcome to the OpenLayers 3 development discussions group. Thanks for your interest, and we look forward to any contributions you can make. THIS GROUP IS FOR CONTRIBUTORS. If you are a user of OpenLayers 3 and want to ask usage questions, please go to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/openlayers-3 and use the openlayers-3 tag for new questions.

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Openlayers 3 - Interaction and pointermove Marcos Oto Picarelli Prado 9:51 AM
OL3-Google-Maps - v0.8 pre-release Samuel Lapointe 7/22/16
How to get the vertices of a geometry? João Rodrigues 7/19/16
OL3-Cesium 1.18 release Guillaume Beraudo 7/18/16
How to mimic the OL2 'movestart' event? João Rodrigues 7/14/16
Display unreferenced image on top of an georeferenced base layer jacmendt 7/11/16
GSoC 2016 - OL3-Google-Maps library Samuel Lapointe 7/11/16
OpenLayers v3.13.1 TypeScript Definition Jackie Ng 7/9/16
openlayers3: layerswitcher + getfeatureinfo Daniel Kelm 7/6/16
how to find the name of the loaded layer? Paolo Gallo 7/1/16
ol.style.icon loading problems Philippe prevautel 6/30/16
OL3-Cesium 1.17 release Guillaume Beraudo 6/29/16
Modify ol.style.Circle radius Kevin Naquin 6/28/16
Error in example? Worth Lutz 6/28/16
A couple of openlayers questions, if anyone can help! Christopher Stone 6/25/16
LineString start to draw only inside another geometry existent Marcos Oto Picarelli Prado 6/24/16
OL3-Google-Maps - v0.7 pre-release Samuel Lapointe 6/23/16
Openlayers 3 - Multilinestring Zoom-in/out flashing layer Marcos Oto Picarelli Prado 6/23/16
3D Vectors (ol3cesium) Kevin Naquin 6/21/16
Pointer coordinate and rendering of that coordinate not matching up in 3.16 with EPSG 3857 Thomas Gabriel Watson 6/21/16
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