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We’re a group of professional and amateur programmers who meet up regularly in Ottawa to share, teach, and hack on Ruby together.

Ask us anything about Ruby.

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Reminder: Meetup tonight at 6:30pm: Mingling, Food, Drinks (thanks Fullscript! :) and Patent like a pro Michael Prendergast 7/26/17
Wednesday at 6:30pm: Mingling, Food, Drinks (thanks Fullscript! :) and Patents like a pro Michael Prendergast 7/25/17
Call for speakers for next Wednesday, July 26th? Anyone available? Michael Prendergast 7/20/17
Tomorrow at 6:30pm: Pizza, drinks and Pushing Left Like a Boss Michael Prendergast 6/27/17
Next Wednesday [June 28th at 6:30pm]: Security Talk: Pushing Left Like a Boss Michael Prendergast 6/22/17
Tonight at 6:30pm: How To Build a CDN + Composition Over Inheritance video Michael Prendergast 2/22/17
Ruby on Rails Tutor Aaron Webber 2/22/17
Tonight at 6:30pm: Out of the Box and into the Cloud + Domain Driven Rails video Michael Prendergast 2/1/17
CodeSchool is free this weeekend :) Michael Prendergast 11/19/16
Reminder: No meetup tonight (*cancelled*) Michael Prendergast 10/25/16
Xpeeria would like Ottawa Ruby members to add their skills and hobbies Michael Prendergast 9/28/16
SHOPIFY project - Ruby developer needed... 8/5/16
Tonight at 6:30pm: "Hanami > Rails" + "MiniURI Gem" + "Stop Trying To Be The Next Facebook" Michael Prendergast 7/26/16
Looking for speakers (for next Tues, July 26th, and for future months) Michael Prendergast 7/19/16
CoVenture is hiring Full-Stack Ruby/Python/Node.js Devs (junior/intermediate/senior level) Michael Prendergast 6/29/16
MicroMetrics is hiring for three positions (one Rails + one iOS + one Android) Michael Prendergast 6/23/16
Looking for some short talks for Tuesday's meetup Michael Prendergast 4/25/16
FarmLead is hiring two positions (UX/UI/Front-End and Mobile) Michael Prendergast 4/7/16
Iversoft is hiring multiple positions (Back/Front-End Web + Design + Mobile + Biz Dev) Michael Prendergast 3/3/16
February meetups cancelled Michael Prendergast 2/24/16
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