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We’re a group of professional and amateur programmers who meet up regularly in Ottawa to share, teach, and hack on Ruby together.

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Ruby Tuesday is next week (Meteor, Slim, and Many-To-Many) Michael Prendergast 4/21/15
How to re-enable Test::Unit in Rails 4 after 'rails new app --skip-test-unit' Alain Achkar 4/9/15
SurveyMonkey is hiring (multiple positions: Onboarding, QA, Python, and BizDev) Michael Prendergast 4/8/15
Scale is looking for a CTO Michael Prendergast 4/7/15
Sienex is hiring an Intermediate Ruby on Rails Developer Michael Prendergast 3/25/15
Note: Lightning Talk *cancelled* (UUIDs with Distributed DBs)... Other ideas? Michael Prendergast 3/24/15
Room for one more Lightning Talk for tomorrow (Tuesday) Michael Prendergast 3/23/15
February 2015 Meetup Summary + Call for Speakers + What's Up Next Michael Prendergast 3/16/15
Meet / network with industry leaders at ConnectOTT (this Thursday, March 12th) Michael Prendergast 3/9/15
Work with BitPesa: Help build Africa’s most exciting FinTech Startup! Shiku Ngigi 3/9/15
Asking the Audience Alexander Miller 3/5/15
AquaHacking Hackathon (first session this Thurs, Feb 26th) Michael Prendergast 2/23/15
MyGroceryDeals is looking for a Full-Time Web Developer Michael Prendergast 2/19/15
Pin Up - Calendrier Culturel is looking for Rails Developers for a paid contract Michael Prendergast 2/18/15
Ruby Tuesday is next week: Neo4j + Monkey Patching + Optimizing ActiveRecord Usage Michael Prendergast 2/17/15
Cdling is looking for a Lead Front End Engineer Michael Prendergast 2/5/15
January 2015 Meetup Summary Michael Prendergast 2/2/15
Meetup tomorrow - Learn Controller Testing in RSpec + What's new in Rails 4.2 Michael Prendergast 1/26/15
Ruby Tuesday is next week (Jan 27th): Learn Tips/Tricks on Controller Testing with RSpec Michael Prendergast 1/20/15
Thanks for coming out + Next Up + Call for Speakers Michael Prendergast 1/13/15
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