Welcome to ocaml-core.  This mailing list is for discussing the Core suite of OCaml libraries, a replacement for INRIA's standard library that is developed and maintained by Jane Street.

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Beginner seeking some advices on SOCKS5 implementation using Async Mark Li 7/27/14
GADTs and type-conv syntax extensions Thomas Gazagnaire 7/21/14
Canceling timers Malcolm 7/17/14
read item from pipe without consuming it Ashish Agarwal 7/16/14
[ANN] Core Suite 111.21.00 Ben Millwood 7/15/14
docs Gergely Szilvasy 7/4/14
more modules like Deferred.Or_error.List Ashish Agarwal 6/18/14
[ANN] Core Suite 111.17.00 Ben Millwood 6/17/14
Exception handling with odd zoneinfo Malcolm 6/16/14
backwards compat for Async.command_basic Anil Madhavapeddy 6/12/14
libuv/libev/libevent in Async Malcolm 6/11/14
Ocaml audio library p...@pay.com.pl 5/19/14
[ANN] Core Suite 111.13.00 Ben Millwood 5/16/14
surprising semantics for Ordered_collection_common.slice pel...@gmail.com 5/5/14
Speeding up Nano_mutex Markus 5/5/14
Does Async_extra.Log log to syslog? or how to log safely to syslog in an Async environment without writing my own syslog modules? ericbm...@gmail.com 4/25/14
[ANN] Core Suite 111.11.00 Jeremie Dimino 4/25/14
Trouble installing core on Amazon EC2 Ubuntu VM Miles Yucht 4/22/14
core_kernel in js_of_ocaml Andy Ray 4/18/14
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