Welcome to ocaml-core.  This mailing list is for discussing the Core suite of OCaml libraries, a replacement for INRIA's standard library that is developed and maintained by Jane Street.

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Re: Integrate async DNS resolution with Async.Tcp.with_connection David House 10/14/14
[ANN] Core Suite 112.01.00 + rpc_parallel Jeremie Dimino 10/13/14
Re: 0-copy with Async and Cstruct Anil Madhavapeddy 10/6/14
Re: core on OpenBSD Yaron Minsky 9/24/14
Char.is_whitespace doesn't recognize form-feed and vertical tab Joel Williamson 9/21/14
Lock_file.create fails on Mac OS X Ashish Agarwal 9/17/14
composing sexp and bin_io function manually Thomas Gazagnaire 9/17/14
[ASYNC] Running several "run_full_and_error" in parallel Paolo Donadeo 9/13/14
Jenga in utop Ashish Agarwal 9/11/14
defining a set of int list Martin DeMello 9/8/14
Importable use of SYS_tid in Core_extended Anil Madhavapeddy 8/31/14
Close file descriptor and DNS resolution in Async Mark Li 8/30/14
[ANN] Core Suite 111.28.00 Ben Millwood 8/26/14
Sending a function to background in Async Paolo Donadeo 8/24/14
Avoid using escaped/unescaped to enhance performance? Mark Li 8/23/14
Reading and Writing a file descriptor Paolo Donadeo 8/22/14
About the granularity of Deferred.any and Async scheduler Mark Li 8/21/14
Too many open files using Cohttp Paolo Donadeo 8/18/14
[ANN] Core Suite 111.25.00 Jeremie Dimino 7/31/14
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