Welcome to ocaml-core.  This mailing list is for discussing the Core suite of OCaml libraries, a replacement for INRIA's standard library that is developed and maintained by Jane Street.

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Pulling data from excel jod...@gmail.com 9/5/16
Emacs + OCaml = Ecaml Jeremie Dimino 8/29/16
Cannot use "with sexp" Stephen Bastians 7/11/16
cannot opam install async.113.00.00 Ashish Agarwal 6/28/16
Re: [Caml-list] RPC for OCaml? rixed 6/23/16
Mutable state Jon Harrop 6/22/16
Inplace array update Kuba Roth 6/4/16
More frequent pushes to Jane Street github repositories + janestreet/opam-repository Jeremie Dimino 5/20/16
Re: [Caml-list] How to handle system decencies in Ocaml (like O_ASYNC not implemented in cygwin) Yaron Minsky 5/9/16
Building a concurrent server with Async Jon Harrop 5/5/16
create process with redirections Fabrice Le Fessant 4/29/16
synchronous Socket.bind Fabrice Le Fessant 4/28/16
[ANN] Core Suite 113.33 Thomas Refis 4/14/16
Fieldslib syntax extension usage | Real World OCaml synco...@gmail.com 4/13/16
inconsistent assumptions over interface Random Kuba Roth 3/27/16
113.33.00 does not build on FreeBSD Malcolm 3/21/16
Segmentation fault pushing three floats to a Stack André Matheus 3/9/16
[ANN[ Core Suite 113.24.00 Jeremie Dimino 2/11/16
out-of-date instructions and corebuild for 113.24.00 release bbr...@gmail.com 2/10/16
Package renamings for sexplib, bin_prot and a few other camlp4 syntax extensions Jeremie Dimino 2/3/16
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