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As of March 4, 2013, discussion on this group has move to google-oauth tag on Stack Overflow

We support the Google OAuth2 on Stack Overflow. Google engineers monitor and answer against the tag google-oauth. You should use this tag when asking questions.

This list will remain announce-only so we may reach developers with important updates regarding our OAuth2 APIs.

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Using Client ID for "Web Application" always state invalid_client. Andreas Mattisson 2/13/13
Live event tomorrow at 10am PST Naveen Agarwal 2/13/13
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Always getting "redirect_uri_mismatch" after authentication mage_stat 2/5/13
"2 legged" OAuth 2.0? Jeffrey McKay 2/1/13
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Once again - Wildcards and subdomains in console API Tomas Katysovas 1/30/13
403 Forbidden when using access token from OAuth2ServiceAccount - Site must be added to your account Willy Samong 1/29/13
Please help me out this issue regarding OAuth2ServiceAccount please Thank you very much Willy Samong 1/29/13
change my data by code Carlos Camargo 1/27/13
Google Custom Search Jquery problem? Dave Cheetham 1/25/13
400: Bad Request when requesting Michael Watson 1/18/13
OAuth2 with Drive Tolga Kavukcu 1/17/13
Urgent Req: Java Developer/Architects//6Months//Atlanta-GA rec 1/15/13
Service Account, python, cannot get sample to work ("invalid grant"?) Mike Bria 1/10/13
Service Account in perl hatobus 1/7/13
Urgent REQ: Embedded Architect//Waulesha WI//6months rec 1/7/13
oauth2decorator_from_clientsecrets causes error in development server after deployment Jorge Arévalo 1/5/13
DotNet Library for OAuth2 - Service Accounts Vikas R 1/4/13
REQ:ETL Lead /Sr. Developer rec 1/4/13
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