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As of March 4, 2013, discussion on this group has move to google-oauth tag on Stack Overflow

We support the Google OAuth2 on Stack Overflow. Google engineers monitor and answer against the tag google-oauth. You should use this tag when asking questions.

This list will remain announce-only so we may reach developers with important updates regarding our OAuth2 APIs.

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Discussion on this group is moving to Stack Overflow google-oauth tag. David Primmer 3/4/13
Got (400 Bad Request) while POSTing to get access token Chem 3/4/13
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Using Google's SMTP server using service account Malthe Borch 2/27/13
invalid_request on token request ErikRas 2/25/13
GeoIP API 2/24/13
expires_in Units Kevin 2/23/13
Automatically log a user on to Google Scott Nettleton 2/22/13
400 Bad Request Error - Trying to Authenticate from Installed App Michael Tepfer 2/21/13
OAuth and Drive API, can't fetch files Mikko Tanskanen 2/21/13
Unannounced changes to oauth2 scope/permissions? Jack 2/17/13
"Error processing OAuth 2 request" - geographical distance between user/web server race condition Andrew Armstrong 2/16/13
Re: Live event at 11am today Naveen Agarwal 2/14/13
How to use custom URI schemes in the redirect URI for native clients in Google OAuth Flows Naveen Agarwal 2/14/13
Error 411 Google Drive for getting an access token and a refresh token after authorization Laurent Thulier 2/14/13
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