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OpenWest 2018 : Announcing Keynote by VM (Vicky) Brasseur mindjuju 5/4/18
Nerd Lunch on Thursday? mi...@theadamsresidence.net 4/25/18
Nerd Lunch next week? Also a reminder about Symantec Certs being distrusted in Chrome 66 mi...@theadamsresidence.net 4/17/18
Generating SSL Certs Containing SAN Host Entries with OpenSSL mi...@theadamsresidence.net 4/13/18
Proposed: Nerd Lunch for Thur. March 22nd 2018. 11-12ish mi...@theadamsresidence.net 3/22/18
Nerd Lunch for Jan 25th, 2018 - Time and Location mi...@theadamsresidence.net 1/25/18
OpenWest 2018 - Call For Papers - Win a Prize! mindjuju 1/22/18
Nerd Lunch on Thursday, Jan. 25th 2018 mi...@theadamsresidence.net 1/21/18
OpenWest 2018 - Call For Papers mindjuju 1/1/18
Job Fair at the Hill AFB Museum on 6 December Frank Haymes 11/25/17
Docker, Containers and Security: The Docker Mind Shift Brandon Gillespie 10/14/17
Friday Luncheon mi...@theadamsresidence.net 9/15/17
PluralsightLIVE tech conference & DevOpsUT meetup Wes Novack 9/1/17
[Job] Sysadmin for Secturion Systems, Inc. Bryan Murdock 8/25/17
Idiomatic Containers Brandon Gillespie 7/27/17
Reminder about OpenWest mi...@theadamsresidence.net 7/7/17
OpenWest 2017 : Hold the Press! Special Engagement mindjuju 6/23/17
OpenWest 2017 : Announcing Keynote by Deb Nicholson mindjuju 6/9/17
Social at the VI mi...@theadamsresidence.net 5/31/17
CANCELLED - Meeting for May 30th, 2017 mi...@theadamsresidence.net 5/30/17
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