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The committee generally welcomes the posting of Python job offerings on the mailing list, as long as they adhere to the following guidelines:

The committee retains the right to remove postings at its own discretion.

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IPython vs. Jupyter notebooks (in Ubuntu) Guy 1/16/17
Free ebook on matplotlib Volker Kuhlmann 1/16/17
Google open sources Python-on-Go transcompiler Grumpy DL Neil 1/10/17
keyring vs. writing an encrypted password to disk frank rueter 1/1/17
Holiday season puzzle Ian Stewart 1/1/17
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Summer Coding Contract Job - te kaiwhakamāori - Linguistics, NLP Bayard Randel 12/5/16
Blog post on organising Guy 12/4/16
Error py2exe help Jullian Geremy 11/21/16
job opportunity for freelance python dev (1-2 weeks worth of work) Heiko Wanning 11/21/16
Addendum: Using Python for Research DL Neil 11/15/16
FYI: edX course: Using Python for Research DL Neil 11/15/16
Hamilton meetup next Monday Peter Reutemann 11/8/16
Algorithm implementation admin 10/21/16
PacktPub: Python week DL Neil 10/11/16
Hamilton meetup next Monday Peter Reutemann 10/9/16
hamilton meetup suggestions? Peter Reutemann 10/5/16
Secondary Teachers Python Cluster - Join Us! Grant Paton-Simpson 10/4/16
Software developer (Python/Django) - job opening in the Netherlands 9/27/16
Transparency Report Thomi Richards 9/25/16
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