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"humanize" library for numeric output, ???? for numeric input Eliot Blennerhassett 7/22/16
graph layout help nic cave-lynch 7/20/16
Python beginners' course DL Neil 7/20/16
Hamilton August poster William Mckee 7/20/16
When your pet hates drive you to do silly things Tim McNamara 7/20/16
CLI integration testing Tim McNamara 7/18/16
Kiwi PyCon 2016 - Young Coders Bayard Randel 7/11/16
Hamilton Meetup on Monday Peter Reutemann 7/8/16
Second Kiwi PyCon Keynote Speaker Thomi Richards 7/7/16
Fwd: [NZOSS OpenChat] GovHack Peter Reutemann 7/4/16
Final deadline for submitting talks is Monday @ midnight! Thomi Richards 7/2/16
FYI: GMT postdoc DL Neil 6/24/16
Kiwi PyCon CFP extentded Tom Clark 6/21/16
Yubico 50% discount coupon Ackermann Yuriy 6/19/16
Less than 10 days to submit talks for Kiwi PyCon Thomi Richards 6/10/16
Topic for hpug june William Mckee 6/7/16
Kiwi PyCon accommodation discounts Thomi Richards 5/30/16
static typing Peter Reutemann 5/30/16
Kiwi PyCon 2016: Core Python Development Sprints Thomi Richards 5/27/16
Ticket Sales Open for PyCon Australia 2016 Brianna Laugher 5/22/16
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