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Any idea what this component is, bonus for spec sheet David Neff 2/12/18
Small batch soldering help needed, paid and for a good cause eric 2/4/18
Arduino/Electronics workshop Sunday July 21st Wesley Marcarelli 1/3/18
NYCResistor Public Slack group! Widget 1/2/18
ATmega32u4 HID Bootloader and Mac Andy Leviss 12/19/17
What is the best communication mechanism with collision detection/avoidance for my topology? T Obulesu 12/16/17
Sculptor in Need of Assistance Carol 10/30/17
Join us for SYNTHESIS 2017: Blockchain and how it is creating a new wave of crowdfunding and startup investments EZGI UCAR 10/26/17
Lasers!!! Ed Bear 9/16/17
Re: [NYCR:Microcontrollers] Digest for - 1 update in 1 topic Carol 9/14/17
SolidWorks help James Marquardt 9/10/17
Raspberry Pi Stuff in NYC 9/6/17
Spot welding LiPO4 Batteries David Neff 8/25/17
Stumped by RDM6300 RFID reader Michael Zions 8/18/17
Sharing a job posting with a company I work with: iOS lead at SKIP eric 8/16/17
Teach Intro to Physical Computing at Hunter Ricardo Miranda Zuniga 8/9/17
Suggestions for an in-office laser cutter Blair Neal 8/9/17
Prototyping w/ odd (to me) smt component Matt Arcidy 7/29/17
Finally settled in, hackables to give! Anders Nelson 7/27/17
Can NYC Resistor make use of an HP 1650A logic analyzer? Anders Nelson 7/25/17
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