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Need help with diagnosing a (probably) shorted out circuit board Yehoshua Krupnick 11/10/16
Picking 2mm header / contact family Chris Stratton 11/7/16
Misc cables, hardware components available - is there a need? Jimmy Ng 11/7/16
Freelance help needed tonight - opAmp circuit / EKG eric 10/27/16
Freelance gig: Theoretical radio engineer with metamaterials experience eric 10/26/16
Teletype Model 15 Restoration: Need 120VDC @ 60mA, got any? wwward 10/24/16
C/ C++ / Matlab / RF experience needed for freelance gig eric 10/5/16
Does anyone have a USB host shield they can part with? Glen D 9/30/16
Need a a robot for a Mashable Video Keith Hopkin 9/14/16
Looking to Drop In for an Hour or so this Weekend! 9/14/16
Anyone have an X-Carve I can look at? AJ McGuire 9/6/16
Touch Sensitive EL wire board Josh 9/5/16
Hiring for 3D Printer Repair and Wall Installation Kim Magloire 9/1/16
Free Stuff (VCRs, components, wires, webcams) Jaki Levy 8/11/16
GIG: MIDI -> DMX - Villareal Studio Viktor Getmanchuk 8/10/16
FYI: good deal on a metal storage cabinet Brad Shannon 7/22/16
Open Source Assistive Tech project launching on Kickstarter eric 7/12/16
Leaky 4x5 film holder needed KC2PED 7/8/16
Be On America's Greatest Makers With Me Eduardo Matos 7/7/16
[NYCR:Microcontrollers] OT: Free Roomba with Serial Cables Moto Hayashi 7/7/16
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