Numerical Clojure

A group for discussion of numerical computing in Clojure. Also serves as a discussion group for the "core.matrix" library which provides a general purpose API for matrix computation in Clojure.

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Dataset API proposal Aleksandr Sorokoumov 7/13/14
default values for new-matrix dataset implementation Aleksandr Sorokoumov 7/8/14
Handling for division by zero? Mike Anderson 6/28/14
A "take" function Paul G 6/28/14
Four new matrix decomposition function added in the new vectorz-clj release Prasant Chidella 6/28/14
core.matrix linear algebra API Aleksandr Sorokoumov 6/27/14
Error can't define method not in interfaces: meta_info Harshad Saykhedkar 6/27/14
GSoC Project : Linear algebra algorithms for core.matrix Prasant Chidella 6/24/14
EuroClojure meeting? Daniel Slutsky 6/24/14
core.matrix success story Mars0i 5/13/14
mapping over slices Ludwik Grodzki 5/12/14
BigDecimals in core.matrix? Mars0i 5/7/14
core.matrix from primitive arrays Brian Craft 4/25/14
Simultaneous update of arbitrary elements in core.matrix Mars0i 4/25/14
Mutable clatrix matrices in core.matrix? Mars0i 4/24/14
serialization with core.matrix Brian Craft 4/23/14
core.geometry? Gregg Reynolds 4/10/14
Modifying matrices - what are my risks? Mars0i 4/6/14
Update on the generic api Maik Schünemann 4/4/14
core.matrix documentation and incanter support David Iba 4/3/14
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