Numerical Clojure

A group for discussion of numerical computing in Clojure. Also serves as a discussion group for the "core.matrix" library which provides a general purpose API for matrix computation in Clojure.

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GSoC '15 Shubham Jain 3/24/15
A native extension for Vectorz? Matt Revelle 3/19/15
Clatern GSoC 2015 Proposal Rinu Boney 3/4/15
clojure.core.reducers/reduce with core.matrix.operators/+ cej 3/2/15
New core.matrix release 0.33.1 Mike Anderson 2/14/15
ANN: boltzmann 0.1.1 - a deep-learning library Christian Weilbach 2/10/15
Multiple right-hand-sides in solve and least-squares? Jonas Östlund 1/18/15
HTML API doc for core.matrix? László Török 1/15/15
Writing to EDN Jeff Rose 1/14/15
[ANN] Neanderthal, a fast, native matrix and linear algebra library for Clojure + call for help Dragan Djuric 1/12/15
ANN: Sparse matrix support for Clojure with vectorz-clj 0.28.0 Mike Anderson 1/10/15
Building up larger matrices a la Matlab in core.matrix László Török 1/10/15
IO to core.matrix from NDArray in binary file for hyper- and multispectral images? Ben K 12/30/14
Clatrix & representation of the rows... Alex Ott 12/28/14
The state of sparse matrices and algorithms support in core.matrix Alexey Cherkaev 12/27/14
datasets equality? Alex Ott 12/24/14
Charting Data Format Feedback Requested Lucas Bradstreet 12/14/14
manifold-learning methods for dimension reduction Shriphani Palakodety 12/2/14
Truncated matrix decompositions for core.matrix Shriphani Palakodety 11/30/14
Machine learning library - a proposal for GSoC 2015 Rinu Boney 11/29/14
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