Numerical Clojure

A group for discussion of numerical computing in Clojure. Also serves as a discussion group for the "core.matrix" library which provides a general purpose API for matrix computation in Clojure.

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default visual display of vectorz matrices Mars0i 1/13/17
sparse matrices in Clojure - data scientist new to Clojure maria 1/3/17
core.matrix question: how to compute sum of elements in an array or matrix? Joachim De Beule 12/6/16
core.matrix: How to set all non-zero elements of an array to 1? Joachim De Beule 12/6/16
no inverse in aljabr Mars0i 11/25/16
core.matrix implementation for Neanderthal Mike Anderson 10/25/16
[JOB] clojure fintech NUBANK Thaís Starling 10/25/16
Re: Digest for - 1 update in 1 topic Jeff Rose 10/11/16
Power Series Example and Benchmarking Lazy Numeric Computation Sophia Gold 10/11/16
Update on moving core.matrix to Clojure contrib Alex Miller 10/4/16
Thanks for core.matrix! Rich Hickey 9/21/16
Experimental GPU numerics: OpenCL with vectorz-opencl Mike Anderson 9/8/16
core.matrix for scalar arithmetic Mars0i 8/30/16
svd on large matrices 6/21/16
ANN: clj-spss 0.0.2 - a lightweight SPSS file reader for Clojure Mike Anderson 4/27/16
interval arithmetic in Clojure Nik 3/18/16
Is there any desire or need for a Clojure DataFrame? 3/9/16
Using core.matrix.complex for complex matrix arithmetic Willem Price 3/7/16
How to optimize code using core.matrix + vectorz Alexey Cherkaev 3/7/16
core.matrix with Object array backend Alexey Cherkaev 3/4/16
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