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javadoc - "No Javadoc middleware available" David Kincaid 1/17/14
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: complete.core David Kincaid 11/14/13
Load current buffer behavior change on compile error David Kincaid 11/6/13
Support Clojure & Clojurescript simultaneously better? Neale Swinnerton 11/4/13
Auto-scroll the nrepl-server buffer? Ed O'Loughlin 11/1/13
Trouble with nrepl.el - no prompt and error message David Kincaid 10/14/13
I am having some trouble installing ritz nrepl Stephen Cagle 9/30/13
instantiate repl buffer without popping to it 9/18/13
"Error evaluating:" (clojure.pprint/pprint 10) :as ",10);\n" Andy Gibraltar 9/15/13
nrepl.el 0.1.8 and eldoc Simon Katz 8/14/13
how to quick wrap top of a express and auto indent Mingqi Shao 7/22/13
Quitting Popup Buffers Stefan Kamphausen 7/11/13
Multi-threaded experience Martin Blais 7/8/13
nrepl.el repo Charles Comstock 7/7/13
Smarter default port Jim Crossley 5/13/13
Re: nrepl connection to remote host of different os-type. Karsten Lang Pedersen 4/30/13
Suggestion to add to "Clojure buffer commands:" Greg R 4/29/13
swank server in a standalone (release) binary Andrei 4/26/13
Re: [nrepl-el] nrepl-jack-in doesn't source my .bashrc eniotna 4/16/13
Re: [nrepl-el] Newbie question Tim King 4/16/13
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