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Shutting down the npgsql-help Google group Shay Rojansky 6/26/15
Npgsql 2.1.2 released! Francisco Figueiredo Jr. 3/31/14
Error opening a second connection (used to work with older versions) 5/28/15
Data type mapping Sérgio Barros 5/22/15
LoadTypesMapping : Value was either too large or too small for an Int32 - using npgsql in excel 64bit power query 5/19/15
NPGSQL crash Sérgio Barros 5/18/15
EF: how declare a colum with type 'ltree' 5/14/15
The Entity Framework provider type 'Npgsql.NpgsqlServices, Npgsql.EntityFramework' registered in the application config file for the ADO.NET provider Salwa 5/12/15
Multiple, concurrent connection requests take a (very) long time to initialize siki 4/29/15
too many sleep process 4/22/15
Npgsql "ERROR: : authentication error: Database 'template1' not found" 4/22/15
Speed of connection pooling / ExecuteNonQuery through different versions 4/22/15
Periodically we get Failed to establish a connection error Itay Herskovits 4/22/15
Data Protection API Luiz Santos 4/14/15
C#, Npgsql, NpgsqlCommandBuilder and transferred data 4/10/15
Agregar o importar FUNCTION ( import FUNCTION) 4/5/15
performance concern 4/5/15
pgODBC 'Use Declare/Fetch' like parameter (aka Automatic Cursors) 3/31/15
ERROR: 55006: source database "template1" is being accessed by other users only with Npgsql 2.2.5 Max Bündchen 3/30/15
trouble with select now() 3/28/15
Support for ASP.NET vNext 3/8/15
Entity Framework, Code First, NpgsqlInterval 3/4/15
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