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Welcome to npgsql-help.

This place is for questions and discussion on Npgsql, the .NET data provider for the PostgreSQL database.

Bug reports should be opened on the project github page, with instructions on how to reproduce. Archives for the old help forums can be found here and here.

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Npgsql 2.1.2 released! Francisco Figueiredo Jr. 3/31/14
trouble with select now() 3/28/15
Periodically we get Failed to establish a connection error Itay Herskovits 3/26/15
Support for ASP.NET vNext 3/8/15
Entity Framework, Code First, NpgsqlInterval 3/4/15
Cannot add a view to EDMX Mark OMeara 2/25/15
ERROR: 08P01: invalid message format G. K. 2/23/15
Lots of LOG: statement: select 'NpgsqlXXXXX' 2/16/15
NpgsqlCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue strange behaviour IvoD 2/13/15
Npgsql in Medium Trust Max Bündchen 2/12/15
Dataset designer problem - "FATAL: 28P01: password authentication failed...." 2/11/15
Amazon AWS compatibility 2/8/15
using Npgsql with Identity framework v2 1/30/15
ExecuteReader throws exception for empty result set 1/27/15
System.ApplicationException: Invalid IL code in System.Linq.Enumerable pikou pikou 1/26/15
Issue with DbFunctions.AddMinutes and DbFunctions.DiffMinutes when using a .net DateTime Mark OMeara 1/22/15
Connection State remains 'Open' after a stop PostgresSQL Mark OMeara 1/22/15
Random Message: Unable to find assembly 'Npgsql, Joshla 1/21/15
Npgsql flagged as malware by PaloAlto 1/20/15
nested/concurrent transactions aren't supported 1/20/15
Type is not resolved error when using database migration 1/14/15
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