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Shutting down the npgsql-dev Google group Shay Rojansky 5/24/15
Npgsql submission to Up for Grabs initiative Francisco Figueiredo Jr. 1/22/15
Internal compiler error Francisco Figueiredo Jr. 1/13/15
Build server upgrade Shay Rojansky 1/12/15
Using C# 6 Shay Rojansky 12/10/14
Framework types, provider types. extended types and expected types in Npgsql Shay Rojansky 11/22/14
Performance issues in a high demand environment Sunny Ahuwanya 10/14/14
Dns.BeginGetHostName() giving problems. Make it possible to use sync version as well? Francisco Figueiredo Jr. 10/14/14
NpgsqlConnectionStringBuilder and Protocol parameter Miłosz Kubański 9/30/14
Work ahead Shay Rojansky 9/18/14
Move website to github Francisco Figueiredo Jr. 9/5/14
Work on 3.0 and 2.2 Shay Rojansky 9/3/14
Release candidate 2 Francisco Figueiredo Jr. 8/16/14
Npgsql 3.0 Shay Rojansky 8/16/14
Npgsql 2.2.0 Release candidate ready to go! Francisco Figueiredo Jr. 8/9/14
Drop support for .NET 2.0 and 3.5? Shay Rojansky 7/26/14
Npgsql 2.2 beta branch created! Francisco Figueiredo Jr. 7/21/14
mono testing on our build server Shay Rojansky 7/19/14
DateTime parameter Emil Lenngren 7/19/14
Build server upgrade Shay Rojansky 7/19/14
Problem in the build server Francisco Figueiredo Jr. 7/19/14
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