Norwich Hackspace

Norwich needs a Hackspace. A shared place where people can work on projects, share information and just hang out. A space that can be filled with equipment that as individuals are too expensive or large to own. A forum to share information and skills formally in workshops and informally over a drink. Wanna play with a CNC machine but can't justify spending the money for one? Or want access to a laser cutter, a milling machine, a knitting machine, a 3d printer. These are all items other Hackspaces have collectively bought, use and share. Workshops can be as diverse as the skills of the Hackspace members. The London hackspace has had workshops onĀ Arduino, quadracopters, bio hacking, programming, hypnosis, Go, lock picking and many others.

To get a functional space there is a lot to do and will need a number of people to hit a critical mass. The current aim of this group is to collect people who are interested in being involved and discuss how to make this happen. So please join in and invite anyone who might be interested in contributing.

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Pewter, Plastic and Papier Mache guns Tim Parnell 6/14/16
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Arduino - Third workshop at Pitt Street - 6 June 2016 Alan Scrase 6/5/16
Makerspace contest Ben Norcutt 6/3/16
Hackspace on Wednesdays! Karl Ablitt 5/26/16
Rotary Engine Tim Parnell 5/26/16
Arduino - Second workshop 23 May Alan Scrase 5/26/16
Fwd: Arduino RFID Door Lock Marion 5/24/16
3D Printer Tim Parnell 5/24/16
3D Printer Filament Alan Childs 5/19/16
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