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Hi! This is the discussion list for the North East makers and hardware hackers. Topics range from  projects we are working on to what is going on in Maker Space.

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Pebble Time @£85 Woody 3:38 PM
Mouse/Small DA Sander Matt Wilkins 9:41 AM
Quads and beers Glen 8/28/16
Bank Holiday Monday Chris B 8/28/16
Re: 15% off in store over the Bank Holiday Weekend (It's a British thing...) Glen 8/27/16
New, would like to join..few qs Clarita Lulic 8/26/16
Wabbits! Alistair MacDonald 8/26/16
Lattepanda Mini Computer Mark Williams 8/26/16
Lithium ion cells Glen 8/25/16
Door announcer! David Pye 8/25/16
big prints Colin Jones 8/24/16
NHS Hack Day Alistair MacDonald 8/24/16
Eagle tutorial Adam Ellis 8/24/16
haute couture LEDs Ed 8/24/16
32" LED TV free to a good home Woody 8/23/16
Laser Supervision Josh Duffy 8/23/16
3D Thursday 18-08-16 Will McElderry 8/23/16
laser tonight Ed 8/22/16
Belt Sander. Matt Wilkins 8/21/16
Tip trip David Pye 8/21/16
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