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Hi! This is the discussion list for the North East makers and hardware hackers. Topics range from  projects we are working on to what is going on in Maker Space.

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Dilbert badges Dan Nixon 7/24/16
Hacking those Android TV boxes Alistair MacDonald 7/24/16
EMF Camp 2016 Woody 7/23/16
3D printer training dale donald 7/22/16
Multi monitor arm computer? Will McElderry 7/21/16
3D Thursday (21-07-16) Will McElderry 7/21/16
KIngCon - 22nd-23rd October 2016 Dan Nixon 7/20/16
New Member Inductions Iain Yarnall 7/20/16
The "Megaprocessor" Alistair MacDonald 7/20/16
Coffee Lovers N.S. R 7/20/16
Maker Space birthday Gregory Fenton 7/20/16
Laser training Monday or Tuesday Josh Duffy 7/19/16
Depth cameras Dan Nixon 7/18/16
milling ALU Glen 7/18/16
Cumberland arms Sunday afternoon? caygreen 7/17/16
Space open for a few hours... Woody 7/16/16
EMF Alistair MacDonald 7/15/16
Pi zero Glen 7/15/16
Is the space open this evening Adam Ellis 7/15/16
Fwd: MakeFest 2016 - Call for Makers Alistair MacDonald 7/15/16
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