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Hi! This is the discussion list for the North East makers and hardware hackers. Topics range from  projects we are working on to what is going on in Maker Space.

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New Member induction Christopher Mulrine 10/19/17
commercial union house Glen 10/19/17
12V vs 24V off gird systems Glen 10/18/17
Maker Fairer UK 2018 call for Makers open. Alistair MacDonald 10/18/17
Workshop Monitoring Alistair MacDonald 10/17/17
laser cutting Mort 10/17/17
WiFi is not secure: 'Krack' Will McElderry 10/17/17
Leaser Cutting Machine use AbdulBasith Mohammed 10/17/17
WiFi sensing Glen 10/16/17
Call for laser trainers Iain Yarnall 10/13/17
Induction Availability Danny Walker 10/12/17
rPi playing card recognition Woody 10/11/17
Induction for laser cutting Mort 10/10/17
JustAddSharks laser cutter suppliers closing :-( David Pye 10/9/17
The David -vs- Stu mini CNC challenge. abaxas 10/8/17
engraving slate Glen 10/6/17
Maker Faire 28-29 Apr 2018 abaxas 10/5/17
eDay - 7th October 2017 10:00AM Iain Yarnall 10/4/17
Sorting out the electronics components. abaxas 10/4/17
Would love to meet you all james guy 10/4/17
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