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Hi! This is the discussion list for the North East makers and hardware hackers. Topics range from  projects we are working on to what is going on in Maker Space.

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Anyone interested in helping out with a bid to design and construct a new educational building aimed at encouraging young makers? formunkey 8:44 AM
Fwd: [ssvolunteers] Our cafe is open this Sunday 27th May Brian Degger 5:34 AM
Wheeled trolley sled maplin Newcastle Brian Degger 5:33 AM
From Maker to Maker - let your voice be heard! 5:19 AM
Saturday 19/05/18 opening - 12noon to 6pm Stuart Wheater 5/19/18
[Invitation] to a workshop on 'how to expand businesses related to reuse and upcycling.' Kyungeun Sung 5/18/18
Anet A8 + All upgrades BNIB for sale - £150 Gary Smith 5/17/18
Interfacing with MIPI DSI touch panel 5/17/18
TS100 cheap as chips Woody 5/14/18
Rpi USB wifi Glen 5/14/18
Saturday 12/05/18 opening - 12noon to 6pm Stuart Wheater 5/12/18
Ribbon Cables on projects. cprich22 5/10/18
Mirror spray paint? Benjamin 5/10/18
Maker Faire UK Satellite Events? 5/7/18
Building a Low Cost Wind Turbine - Newcastle Workshops - May 19/20 Daniel Connell 5/6/18
Saturday 05/05/18 opening - 12noon to 6pm Stuart Wheater 5/5/18
Fwd: Rise & Design: Robots And Their Applications Alistair MacDonald 5/4/18
antweight robot and remotecontrol cakes at Maker Faire Brian Degger 4/30/18
Open Source Hardware Camp 2018 — Sat 30/06 & Sun 01/07, Lincoln. Andrew Back 4/26/18
Laser cutter and etching... 4/25/18
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