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Hi! This is the discussion list for the North East makers and hardware hackers. Topics range from  projects we are working on to what is going on in Maker Space.

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Funny pink stool with bicycle fork on David Pye 1/18/17
Induction Please Ian Mattimore 1/18/17
Multi-material Mendel90 (or the heap of junk) David Pye 1/18/17
3D Printing PET-G Shaun Burrows 1/18/17
Induction + Laser cutter Owen Woods 1/18/17
Autodesk software downsize caygreen 1/18/17
DIY cinematography David Green 1/18/17
LED screen panel Justas B 1/17/17
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: [Makers] Re: Home automation Glen 1/16/17
Saturday opening - 14/01/17 - 12noon to 6pm Stuart Wheater 1/14/17
Very very short notice... Deadline Thursday 12pm caygreen 1/11/17
[3D Thursday] The end is nigh? caygreen 1/11/17
Is Maker Space Open As Usual Tonight? Daniel Kokocinski 1/9/17
3d Thursday cut short this evening caygreen 1/5/17
[3D Thursday] Tomorrow. caygreen 1/4/17
Another single board computer... Dan Nixon 1/4/17
Mesh generation from point clouds Dan Nixon 1/2/17
PC upgrade Dan Nixon 1/2/17
Remove char marks from laser cut wood Paul Hurley 12/31/16
Home automation Glen 12/27/16
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