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Hi! This is the discussion list for the North East makers and hardware hackers. Topics range from  projects we are working on to what is going on in Maker Space.

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2418 CNC info for Stu. abaxas 8/17/17
Raaco Boxes Iain Yarnall 8/17/17
Saturday 19/08/17 opening - 12noon to 6pm Stuart Wheater 8/17/17
Maker Space now has an Amazon Echo Dot Alistair MacDonald 8/17/17
Maker Space room move this Sunday Alistair MacDonald 8/16/17
SHA2017 Woody 8/16/17
Ammo Case "Charger" Woody 8/15/17
Smoke Machine Woody 8/15/17
Joysticked Iain Yarnall 8/14/17
Saturday 12/08/17 opening - 12noon to 6pm Stuart Wheater 8/12/17
Laser cutter fume doodar.... abaxas 8/12/17
Laser cutter tomorrow. Josh Duffy 8/12/17
K40 Laser Cutter Jay S 8/8/17
New space keys Alistair MacDonald 8/8/17
LoRa / Things conference Brian Degger 8/7/17
Slim Raspberry Pi Alistair MacDonald 8/6/17
Saturday 05/08/17 opening - 12noon to 6pm Stuart Wheater 8/5/17
Dead Duck Iain Yarnall 8/4/17
Magstripe reader David Pye 8/3/17
long overdue roundup Glen 8/3/17
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