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Hi! This is the discussion list for the North East makers and hardware hackers. Topics range from  projects we are working on to what is going on in Maker Space.

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Maker Camp 22nd-24th May Iain Yarnall 5/22/15
Virtual sound Pradeep Dheerendra 5/22/15
I have been playing with the window LED display, fun things happened :) Greg Fenton 5/22/15
I won something from Maker Faire (surprisingly!) Greg Fenton 5/22/15
3D Printer Problems - LM8UU bearings Will McElderry 5/22/15
Electric Zip Alistair MacDonald 5/21/15
3D Thursday tonight (21-5-15) Will McElderry 5/21/15
Side window display 5/21/15
Half Term Activity / Materials Wanted 5/21/15
Half term activity / home for unwanted materials 5/20/15
Re: [Makers] Introducing the Spark Photon - combined orders? 5/19/15
3D Hubs Alistair MacDonald 5/19/15
arts and it network forum Louise Mackenzie 5/18/15
The Late Shows Iain Yarnall 5/18/15
Maker Monday tonight 6.30 to 10.30 Ed 5/18/15
Maker Space Maker Camp Iain Yarnall 5/18/15
Free Krispy Kreme donut David Pye 5/17/15
Humble Maker Book Bundle (pay what you want and help charity) Glen 5/16/15
[Help] Little help needed! Kyungeun Sung 5/15/15
Friday Fettlin' [Members] Woody 5/15/15
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