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Hi! This is the discussion list for the North East makers and hardware hackers. Topics range from  projects we are working on to what is going on in Maker Space.

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Pi North East Alistair MacDonald 2/8/16
Empty beer bottles wanted! David Pye 2/8/16
The great north snow dog Alistair MacDonald 2/8/16
Make it Sew Rosie Bristow 2/8/16
Are any of the Lathe Team free in the next couple of days? Peter Southern 2/7/16
Writing gcode for 3D Printers StevenQ-NE-UK 2/7/16
50 ohm bnc patch cable Alistair MacDonald 2/7/16
Saturday (not really) opening Woody 2/6/16
[3d Print] Proposal for Mesh Handling Workshop caygreen 2/6/16
Wearables event in Manchester (Fwd: New Message From Maker Space) Alistair MacDonald 2/6/16
Code Bunnies Alistair MacDonald 2/6/16
Friday Fettlin' 6pm>>>9ish Woody 2/5/16
3D Thursday Tonight (4-2-16) Will McElderry 2/4/16
Laser Cutting Inspiration StevenQ-NE-UK 2/4/16
The Geek Club Newcastle Laird of Bandrum 2/3/16
£160 Ebay 3D Printer StevenQ-NE-UK 2/3/16
Laser cutter 'nesting' David Pye 2/1/16
need help flashing bootloader/firmware sanguinololu board Alejandro Erickson 2/1/16
Algorithmic packing caygreen 2/1/16
Railway Codes Alistair MacDonald 2/1/16
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