Nools: rule engine for Node.js

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question on factRecency Francesco Coppi 2/6/17
Only one rule gets fired p l 10/19/15
Graphic Editor and Persistence David Lojudice Sobrinho 7/3/15
define facts in the js file abderrahmen gharsallah 3/29/15
Synchronous match Samir Vaidya 12/6/14
Design pattern nools with Node.js to resolve permissions in a system Rodolfo hernandez 11/3/14
what is the name of this operator: =~ and where can I read more about it? Paul Pfaff 11/3/14
Getting error using agenda-groups. What am i doing wrong? cbrady321 10/28/14
.Nools Editor Support? Colin Brady 10/1/14
Re: Is there a way to load the class definitions in the javascript model while loading the rules in the DSL model? Colin Brady 9/26/14
correct way to use / example of Date helper function in DSL? Paul Pfaff 8/25/14
Storing nools files in-memory using Redis Maha ESSGHAIER 6/18/14
accumulate in nools Tomasz Krzywicki 5/30/14
Question on rule activation Vallabh 2/25/14
storing rules in MongoDB Brian Thibault 2/9/14
Adding rules at run time Carlo Alberto Catarinicchia 2/9/14
Default rule to retract remaining facts in session memory ? snow crash 2/9/14
Async action call from a DSL rule / ReferenceError snow crash 2/9/14
Session management snow crash 2/9/14
crash on running process twice Brian Thibault 12/30/13
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