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Does Nokogiri support xslt 2.0? afolgueras 11/23/15
Is it possible to use xslt 2? afolgueras 11/23/15
[ANN] nokogiri Released (security) Mike Dalessio 11/19/15
Nokogiri converts & to & in query strings Shivasubramanian A 11/19/15
Impossible to install nokogiri in windows, libiconv problem 11/16/15
[ANN] nokogiri Released (security update) Mike Dalessio 11/16/15
xml version unwanted 11/14/15
Install Nokogiri 1.5.9 on a Debian Jessie Pozzi JP 11/7/15
Issues installing nokogiri on fedora luis jury 11/6/15
Issue installing Nokogiri on Windows 7 - 'patch' not recognized Ashley Bennett 11/6/15
Attempting "gem install nokogiri" -but errors ensue. Windows 10. Ruby 2.1.7 Newb sob. 11/6/15
Help with a nokogiri XML parse Jason Chodakowski 11/5/15
Can't install nokogiri on debian wheezy Emmanuel Décarie 10/31/15
Installing on OS X El Capitan Jack R-G 10/28/15
failed to build gem native extension nokogiri Debian jessie Dominique __ 10/19/15
Failed to build gem native extension Dominique __ 10/19/15
Problem when i try to bundle install after I gem install Nokogiri Amrul 10/15/15
libxml2 is missing when trying to install, but I'm not using system libraries Dan Wendorf 10/6/15
RoR with error Derek B 10/1/15
problem with latest nokogiri to start rails server on windows 7 10/1/15
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