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libxml2 is missing when trying to install, but I'm not using system libraries Dan Wendorf 4:05 AM
RoR with error Derek B 10/1/15
problem with latest nokogiri to start rails server on windows 7 10/1/15
[ANN] nokogiri 1.6.7.rc2 Released Mike Dalessio 10/1/15
docker container bean5 9/30/15
Long namespaces in building xml document, separated by the dots. Ruslan Strazhnyk 9/29/15
Nokogiri install on WebFaction Tim Escher 9/27/15
Escaped characters in css selectors Thomas Walpole 9/21/15
libxml2 is missing nokogiri1.6.6.2 updated to latest version of ruby gem- OS X 10.11 Timothy Wooldridge 9/14/15
installation issues with Ubuntu 14.04 Simon Ritchie 9/14/15
Install problem with Cygwin on Win7 Robert Martin 9/14/15
invalid variable name: `CFLAGS\' Jeremy Rand 9/14/15
Installation issue for Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS Eric Gascoine 9/13/15
Failure of nokogiri 1.6.7.rc2 Released to run on Ruby 2.2.2 on Windows 10 John S 9/6/15
XSLT transform with params Jud 8/29/15
Return only text inside html Derkian Afonso 8/26/15
New core contributor / Release plan Mike Dalessio 8/20/15
error on redhat 6.5 Pipi Pi 8/10/15
scrape content between two tags (or how to extract an object that is not wrapped in a tag) Tim Morton 8/9/15
unable to install nokogiri on Ruby 2.2.0 | Windows 7 8/6/15
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