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Offer for tutorial example: HTML link extraction fearless_fool 7:53 PM
Failed to build gem native extension 5/22/18
Nonexisting javascript inclusion on Hanno Böck 4/27/18
Parsing multiple XML files 4/21/18
Nokogiri on OpenWrt Francesco Bertamini 4/6/18
Complex Searching XML Corey Vincent 3/30/18
[CVE-2018-8048] Loofah XSS Vulnerability Mike Dalessio 3/19/18
[ANN] Nokogiri vulnerability reporting process Mike Dalessio 3/15/18
Problems with Docker / Ruby 2.4.3 Chris Anthes 3/8/18
Undefined method `parent` error in travis ci testing Bao Han 2/27/18
How to insert EntityReferences into attributes? Phil Spiby 2/26/18
Workaround for ":" issue in scraping Jennifer Stoos 2/23/18
Cannot install Zendesk Application Framework - nokogiri dependency Jon Inazio Sanchez Martinez 2/15/18
[WSL Ubuntu] [?Bug?] Nokogiri hangs bundle install Ilya Zarembsky 2/10/18
[ANN] nokogiri security update 1.8.2 released Mike Dalessio 1/29/18
Making nokogiri work on Ruby 2.5 Gary Mialaret 1/28/18
Issue with XML::Builder and namespaces Corey Powell 1/28/18
Can't install rails can't intall nikogirl gem windows 10 kayvan entezari 1/24/18
Manifest.txt contents question Stephen Crosby 1/23/18
Nokogiri giving back giving back a weird html string when trying to parse an HTML Logi report Bennett Talpers 1/18/18
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