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Word(*.docx) generate table : Write bullet points (list of dots) inside the table 10/9/17
An idea for editing existing documents Ziv Barber 10/6/17
Stram a file to front End fron a nodejs backend salinda Fernando 6/6/17
Officegen 0.4.5 is out Ziv Barber 4/29/17
What's the best way to use officegen in a loop when trying to create large volumes of files. James Swandale 3/6/17
Officegen roadmap + tasks that I'm working on Ziv Barber 2/12/17
is it possible to fill in some data in a powerpoint template? Eugene Goldberg 2/12/17
Hyperlink Muhammad Ali 2/12/17
slide size for pptx Gojko Adzic 2/12/17
Officegen 0.4.2 is out (also for npm) Ziv Barber 2/12/17
Officegen changes Ziv Barber 2/1/17
Is it possible to set background image to the slide object itself? Peter Wang 12/8/16
Version 0.4.0 is out! Ziv Barber 9/30/16
Tables Enrique Valenzuela 7/14/16
How to add tables into pptx in officegen2 Jeevitha G 7/14/16
How can to embed base64encoded image into excel ,is there a function available in this module? Rukmani Devi 1/13/16
XLSX font-size Jana W 8/11/14
Striketught in text Muhammad Ali 8/6/14
How to create table in doc Vegi Sekhar 1/15/14
Rotation capability Stefan Van Dyck 11/13/13
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