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Feel free to discuss anything in the realm of Node.js and LevelDB. This is intended to be an informal list and all ideas/topics are welcome.

For current topics of discussion, check out: and

node-levelup is the module containing the node/javascript parts for LevelDB.
node-leveldown is the module containing the C++ plumbing for LevelDB.

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Urgent opening for Node JS Developer for Hyderabad Location.. Chandhra Sekhar 3/23/15
Invalid argument: idb_cmp1 does not match existing comparator Chris Lunt 1/27/15
Records With Unique Keys Philip Weaver 10/20/14
possible to use nested readstreams liyongqiang 8/18/14
total newbie Reza Razavipour 4/4/14
[ANN] lev: new sublevel support! Paolo Fragomeni 12/18/13
level, level-hyper, level-basho, level-lmdb ... and level-packager rod 10/9/13
Leveldb data store gets recreated instead of an existing one opening for access loosmaakkaan 10/9/13
LMDB for Node.js (& LevelUP) rod 9/1/13
Level/LevelUP@0.15.0, LevelDOWN@0.8.0 & welcome @substack rod 8/26/13
LevelUP/Level @0.11.0 & welcome @pgte to the team rod 7/17/13
LevelDOWN@0.6.0, LevelUP@0.10.0, Level@0.10.0 rod 6/14/13
LevelUP@0.9 rod 5/21/13
Added Matteo Collina to the contributors / committers list rod 5/16/13
Spatial query like Postgis João Martins 5/15/13
LevelDB@1.10.0 and LevelDOWN@0.4.0 and work on LevelUP@0.9 rod 5/14/13
ANN: levelup-autotable plugin Santosh Rajan 4/29/13
Closing db on process exit Santosh Rajan 4/28/13
Officially added Anton Whalley to the contributors list rod 4/27/13
Q on race conditions Santosh Rajan 4/27/13
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