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Granite State Whale Watch - Cory's Shearwater, Wilson's Storm-Petrel, etc Phil Brown 7/3/15
Birds & Bugs Big Day (Mississippi Kite, American Bittern, Brant, Whooper Swan, Sparkling Jewelwing) Steve Mirick 7/3/15
Cap's Ridge Trail on Thursday Jerry Kelly 7/3/15
no Royal Tern but Eastern Willet chick Len 7/3/15
Royal Tern - Hampton Harbor 7/2 Kyle Wilmarth 7/3/15
Trask Brook highlights Dylan Jackson 7/2/15
Purple Martins etc. on coast Pam Hunt 7/2/15
Black Vulture - Concord Pam Hunt 7/2/15
Least Tern not a plover fan Len 7/1/15
Fwd: crazy day on coast JM 7/1/15
Least Terns NESTING in NH!!!!! Steve Mirick 6/30/15
Rare Bird Alert, New Hampshire, June 29, 2015 Mark Suomala 6/29/15
Hinsdale hirundines h...@myfairpoint.net 6/29/15
Bank Swallows and Orchard Orioles breeding by the river/Nashua christine sheridan 6/28/15
back yard breeding birds rwood...@comcast.net 6/28/15
NH Coast storm birding - Not much to report! Steve Mirick 6/28/15
woodpeckers Carolyn Payzant 6/28/15
Dixville Ridge; Fox Sparrows, etc. Robert Ridgely 6/28/15
Arctic Tern - Hampton Harbor Kyle Wilmarth 6/28/15
Trask Brook high count Dylan Jackson 6/27/15
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