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North Conway Mik Oyler 11/29/15
Sandhill Cranes flock Haverhill MA marj...@msn.com 11/29/15
60 Ruddy Ducks at Beaver Lake, Derry Dorothy Currier 11/29/15
23 Sandhill Cranes flying over Haverhill, MA jennapet1 11/29/15
Wilson's Warbler continues at Odiorne Steve Mirick 11/29/15
BE Kathy Dube 11/29/15
Coastal Highlights Dylan Jackson 11/28/15
Keene area Harrier and ducks FirstChAoS 11/28/15
Ruddy Ducks continue in Derry Jeff MacQueen 11/28/15
Keene Oriole Clifford Seifer 11/28/15
Keene variety...11/27/15 Brian R 11/28/15
nhbirds wiki Greg Tillman 11/28/15
Re: Odiorne (and a TV on the way back home) Cliff Otto 11/27/15
Odiorne Point State Park (WILSON'S WARBLER, BLUE-HEADED VIREO, Thick-billed Murre, Razorbill, R-crowned Kinglet, etc.) Steve Mirick 11/27/15
Litchfield Egret...11/27, looks like a Great. christine sheridan 11/27/15
hummingbird in Kingston evyn 11/27/15
Eagle at Pickering Ponds Trail Joel Huntress 11/27/15
waterfowl Great Bay--Weeks Point, Greenland Len 11/27/15
middle country birds s42...@comcast.net 11/27/15
Litchfield probable Little Blue Heron yes Joan McKIbben 11/27/15
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