Netflix OSS Cloud Prize

Welcome to this discussion group for the cloud prize. You can use it to ask questions about the prize itself, discuss possible projects, and find help and collaborators. For questions on existing NetflixOSS projects, there are separate discussion groups for most of them already.

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Quick setup of NetflixOSS services and examples as AMIs Adrian Cockcroft 9/20/13
Countdown to the Deadline Adrian Cockcroft 9/5/13
Are there any installation manual for NetflixOSS cloud? Eric Ahn 8/22/13
Why is membership of this group moderated? Adrian Cockcroft 8/20/13
Are there any plan to support with Azure? Eric Ahn 8/20/13
Backup Monkey released Peter Sankauskas 8/20/13
Boot System On AWS inganta 8/14/13
NetflixOSS Workshop July 17th Adrian Cockcroft 6/23/13
Featuring NetflixOSS Contributions in the July Meetup Adrian Cockcroft 6/5/13
Suggestion: Add DynamoDB support to Astyanax Adrian Cockcroft 4/22/13
Pull requests Adrian Cockcroft 4/20/13
Local informal meetup Weds 24th Adrian Cockcroft 4/19/13
Improving RSS Reader to be a real replacement for Google Reader's API Adrian Cockcroft 3/28/13