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Forwarded anonymous posting Steve Dyer 10/15/86
Forwarded anonymous posting Steve Dyer 9/20/86 the saga continues ... Henry Mensch 9/13/86
spdcc is sick... Steve Dyer 9/11/86
AIDS posting Craig Werner 9/10/86
Bizarre Theory #242: Gay Males and Baldness. Gary D. Lindsay 9/10/86 the saga continues ... Henry Mensch 9/5/86
TV's of the world, UNITE !!!! Vicky 8/12/86
Supreme Court Ruling on Sodomy ol...@ucla-cs.uucp 8/5/86
Georgia vs Hardwick root 8/4/86
The Castro - New Yorker Magazine Marlene Bloch 7/23/86
reorganization of soapbox newsgroups Mark Horton 6/8/86
A backbone is only as strong as its weakest link. o...@hpda.uucp 5/22/86
Goodbye! (only temporarily) Ann Muir Thomas 5/4/86
Another Vote For Tan Lines Daryl Phillips 3/25/86
Tan Lines... Parris Hughes 3/23/86
\"The Friends of Mr. Cairo\" Eric B., NCSS DECnet/PSI - [digital] 3/21/86
"breeders" - scope Alan J Rosenthal 3/20/86
Antibody testing John Smallberries 3/20/86
Homosexual rape in prison Tim Smith 3/20/86
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