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This forum is for exchange of information about gas-discharge readout tubes, such as Nixie tubes and similar devices (Panaplex readouts, Pixie tubes, Dekatrons, etc.), which were used in electronic numeric and alphanumeric displays in the 1950s - '70s. Today these tubes, available used or even new (old stock) from surplus dealers and collectors, are being illuminated again to make clocks and other unique displays, their neon glow providing a nostalgic Cold War era character. Secondary topics within our charter include other vintage digital display technologies, and circuit design.

Please note that this is an English-language group and the usernames and text should be in English where possible.

This group became the home for the NEONIXIE-L group after we all decamped from the original one at Yahoo! All Yahoo! NEONIXIE-L members are welcome here - same rules apply... note that...

when applying to join the group, you must supply some human-readable text enable us to filter out spam-bots and to ensure the continued quality of the forum. If you do not do this, your application will be rejected.

When your application has been approved, please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your interests in the "Welcome" thread...

The group is also shadowed on .

We have tried moving the historical content of the Yahoo! group into this forum with the correct threading etc. with little success to date. As things stand, all of 2010 onward is here - the earlier threads from 2002 onward are preserved in a shadow copy of the Yahoo! content at

The Files section is now at NEONIXIE-L Group File Store - upload files to the TEMP directory.

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