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Welcome to the New England, Unpaved group! We're about cycling off the blacktop: dirt roads, trails, etc. 

If you don't mind, please sign your posts with your locality—just because it's nice to know, right? For example: Jon, Watertown, MA

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Routes Thread Jon 3/5/14
Re: [NE-unpaved] hartford mixed terrain rally cat mike in rhode island 4/18/15
hartford mixed terrain rally cat Justin Eichenlaub 4/18/15
Mud Season Mike Beganyi 4/13/15
NY, CT Resource Mike Beganyi 3/26/15
Trans Vermont Challenge Gravel Grinder Tours 3/23/15
Dirt roads around southern/western ME and/or NH lakes region? Andrea Hafner 3/21/15
VT Bikepacking Route Mike Beganyi 2/28/15
Minimal/No-Pole Bike Camping Tent Brian Postlewaite 2/15/15
ADK trail race Mike Beganyi 2/10/15
IRR 4.0 Adam St. Germain 1/24/15
Ronde Steve Park 1/23/15
what's new in 2015? Steve Park 1/7/15
LittleRiver Overnight Mike Beganyi 12/28/14
GMNF Snow covered dirt Mike Beganyi 12/1/14
Ice Season Mike Beganyi 11/25/14
Dirt Road RIde Christian Bratina 11/6/14
Groton State Forest VT Mike Beganyi 11/4/14
Waltham / Westo Mike Beganyi 10/23/14
Dirt Road Ride Christian Bratina 10/23/14
F2G2: roll call Anton Tutter 10/13/14
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