N4N Air Quality

Every breath we take is crucial -- what pollutants and toxic gases are in our atmosphere, how much and where? We're designing, building, calibrating, and deploying our own sensors, and collaborating with other citizen scientists to find out. We are also concerned with environmental justice aspects to the air pollution equation, and strive to work with affected communities and groups to research and understand the issues and empower positive change.

N4N Air Quality is a working group of Nerds For Nature. We are an all-volunteer organization, dedicated to bringing together environmental professionals and technologists, students and citizen scientists to collaboratively build awesome tools that help us understand, protect, and revive the natural world. 

Check out our Webpage, review our Blog, and meet our Organizers & Contributors. Join our main Google Group for general discussion topics, or check out our working group threads: Bioblitz Google Group = crowdsourced biodiversity-mapping, Flight For Nature = unmanned vehicle applications in eco-research, and Networking Nature = remote sensor systems and software. 

Join our Meetup Group for all the latest event info. Get email announcements or follow us on Twitter (@nerdsfornature) and Facebook. Direct email: info [at] nerdsfornature [dot] org

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