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Registration of foreigners Eugene 1/18/17
Two new draft laws published in today's newspaper Khin Maritime 1/14/17
Draft restrictions on Foreign Workers (included in Visa Act draft). Comments and recs pls 1/13/17
Luther briefing, foreigners Eugene 1/13/17
Counter-Terrorism Law of 2014 Amy A. Smith 1/11/17
K Td 12/28/16
Rules relating to the Protection of Wildlife and the Conservation of Natural Areas (2002) Emma 12/8/16
Sample contract Aye Chan 12/7/16
Fwd: New visa regulations Eugene 12/3/16
Basic Primer on Myanmar Legal System in English Daniel Mitterhoff 11/30/16
Opportunity: Legal Assistant Laura Milne 11/21/16
Notice of Scholarship Opprotunity--Legal English Daniel Mitterhoff 11/19/16
Registration Duty of Lessor Aye Chan 11/17/16
1986 - Financial procedures for Ministries and departments (Ministry of Finance and Planning) Giles Dickenson-Jones 11/16/16
Registration of Association Rules 705/2015 Mon Mon 11/10/16
Bills and Laws in Second Term of Hluttaw (Union) Htin Kyaw Aye 11/10/16
Non-Exclusive Jurisdiction Clause in Commercial Contract Aye Chan 11/9/16
Fw: "Governing law" and "jurisdiction" clauses - Lexology Janelle Saffin 11/9/16
Law for Drafting and Presenting the Union Budget 2015, Union Law No 42 Thomas Cormier 10/29/16
Unofficial translation of July 2015 Constitutional Amendments - Order No. 45/2015 Giles Dickenson-Jones 10/29/16
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