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Re: [Go Faster] WebExtensions, System Add-ons + L10n Axel Hecht 9/16/16
Re: Questions regarding devtools migration script Axel Hecht 9/6/16
Formal grammar of L20n Ricardo Palomares Martínez 8/20/16
L20n in Firefox Staś Małolepszy 8/4/16
Proposal: 1280680 - Build support for l20n in Gecko/Firefox Axel Hecht 7/25/16
Testing instructions for Aisle, and Testers wanted! Axel Hecht 5/4/16
l20n and react Joe Walker 4/13/16
l20n Date Time localization Александр Радченко 3/30/16
Unresolved entities and attributes Axel Hecht 10/27/15
Considering support for IE11 10/23/15
L10n tools, version control sync and merge conflicts Axel Hecht 10/20/15
I18n counterpart to DOM bindings for L20n 10/3/15
Social contract in the L20n world Zibi Braniecki 9/28/15
Re: State of l20n v3 Стоян Димитров 9/28/15
RFD: L20n Context Data Zibi Braniecki 9/28/15
Re: L10nID Object type Staś Małolepszy 9/28/15
Lists in L20n Zibi Braniecki 9/9/15
byteUnit in L20n Zibi Braniecki 8/31/15
State of l20n v3 Стоян Димитров 8/31/15
Memory/Perf progress on porting Settings to l20n.js Zibi Braniecki 8/20/15
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