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Re: [Intellego] Meeting? Jeff Beatty 3/2/15
[Intellego] Meeting? Majken Connor 2/25/15
Anyone care about compare-locales using all-locales? Axel Hecht 2/25/15
[Official Marathi L10n Mailing List] Join the Discussions Suraj Kawade 1/29/15
L20n API 3.0 Staś Małolepszy 1/27/15
[Intellego] Structured data model for Wiktionary Gordon P. Hemsley 12/21/14
Re: Introductory Email Jeff Beatty 12/8/14
Introductory Email Birant Akarslan 12/6/14
Kicking off Aisle. Javascript hackers that localize Mozilla wanted Axel Hecht 11/18/14
PERSONAL DETAILS-'ABHIT' Abhit Kumar 10/5/14
PERSONAL DETAIL Abhit Kumar 10/3/14
Bugzilla product for Localization Infrastructure & Tools Axel Hecht 10/3/14
Help! Abhit Kumar 10/2/14
How to translate the placeholder attribute of a input element? André Fiedler 9/29/14
How to notated double quotes in L20n ? André Fiedler 9/29/14
Re: How to notated double quotes in L20n ? Staś Małolepszy 9/29/14
L20n: merging the gaia branch into master Staś Małolepszy 9/16/14
Re: [INTELLEGO] We can haz code Majken Connor 9/5/14
[INTELLEGO] We can haz code Jeff Beatty 8/28/14
[INTELLEGO] GSOC Post-mortem Evaluation Jeff Beatty 8/20/14
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