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Remove Pocket Integration from Firefox 7/31/15
Proposed Changes To Module: Benjamin Sternthal 7/31/15
By default, FF for OS X assingns an device name for an OS X device in Fifefox sync that reveal a use real name 7/28/15
New module owner for IPC Johnny Stenback 7/28/15
FF for OS X by default assigns the device in sync account a name that reveals user real name. 7/28/15
New Module Proposal: Firefox for iOS 7/23/15
Module resurrection: Private Browsing Ehsan Akhgari 7/23/15
MPL, copyleft, and the recent H5OS stuff as an example of a threat to Mozilla... 7/23/15
Pocket Integration -- The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back 7/21/15
Pocket -- The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back 7/21/15
Proposing a new module: Event Handling smaug 7/20/15
Re: Remove Pocket Integration from Firefox 7/17/15
new Firefox module owner: Dave Camp Gavin Sharp 7/16/15
Introduce Firefox OS::Gaia::Performance/Performance Automation Eli Perelman 7/14/15
Submodule restructure: Tracking Protection -> URL Classifier Gian-Carlo Pascutto 7/13/15
Pocket integration, comes at the COST of losing Local Saves 7/12/15
Firefox FORCED UPDATES & ADDON'S Rant 7/9/15
Content Security module update 7/9/15
Mozilla email accounts associated with community projects R Kent James 7/1/15
New Module Proposal: Content Services Olivier Yiptong 6/30/15
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