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New module owner/peer for Firefox OS::Gaia:::Music Jim Porter 2:34 PM
Update to Firefox Hello Privacy Notice 8:35 AM
proposed module: Emeritus Module Owners Mitchell Baker 11/23/15
New module owner for Content Security 11/23/15
New module owner for Loop/Firefox Hello Adam Roach 11/23/15
Updating peer list for the XPToolkit module Nicholas Nethercote 11/22/15
Mozilla Open Software Patent Initiative 11/20/15
Some doubts about 何鹏飞 11/20/15
New Module Proposal: Remote New Tab Page Olivier Yiptong 11/13/15
(MOSS) Eliminating proprietary software in use by Mozilla Svetlana A. Tkachenko 11/3/15
Current Module Owners. Johnny Stenback 10/30/15
Libjar module owner Nicholas Nethercote 10/28/15
Stepping down as the module owner of editor/ Ehsan Akhgari 10/22/15
Module list updates are needed Eric Shepherd 10/22/15
Surveillance principles draft 10/20/15
New gaia submodule proposal: FirefoxOS Sync Francisco Jordano 10/17/15
New gaia submodule: FirefoxOS Telemetry Francisco Jordano 10/15/15
New module proposal: Static Analysis & Rewriting Ehsan Akhgari 10/14/15 email addresses for Mozilla Reps Benjamin Kerensa 9/28/15
New module owner for OS X Widgets Steven Michaud 9/22/15
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