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CABF Recommendations (was: On the value of EV) Peter Kurrasch 8:32 AM
On the value of EV Ryan Sleevi 8:24 AM
CA generated keys Tim Hollebeek 7:58 AM
Mississuance of EV Certificates 6:30 AM
Investigating validations & issuances - The high value IP space BGP Hijacks on 2017-12-12 Matthew Hardeman 5:22 AM
CAA records checked against immediate issuer or root? Jan Schaumann 12/15/17
Dashboard and Study on CAA Adoption Quirin Scheitle 12/15/17
Beyond EV: Thoughts on trust and actionable trust signals Matthew Hardeman 12/14/17
Third party use of OneCRL 12/14/17
OCSP Responder monitoring (was Re: Violations of Baseline Requirements 4.9.10) Rob Stradling 12/11/17
Certigna Root Renewal Request Aaron Wu 12/11/17
ComSign Root Renewal Request Kathleen Wilson 12/10/17
Certificate incident: private key leaked for wildcard certificate for * Hanno Böck 12/9/17
Verisign signed speedport.ip ? Lewis Resmond 12/9/17
DigiCert-Symantec Announcement Jeremy Rowley 12/5/17
Possible future re-application from WoSign (now WoTrus) Gervase Markham 12/5/17
Ampersands in intermediates' PrintableString J.C. Jones 12/4/17
Fw: StartCom temination announcement Hanno Böck 12/3/17
Mozilla RSA-PSS policy Hubert Kario 12/1/17
Swiss Government root inclusion request Aaron Wu 12/1/17
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