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Policy 2.4 Proposal: Use language of capability throughout Gervase Markham 5:42 PM
Policy 2.4 Proposal: Require all OCSP responses to have a nextUpdate field Gervase Markham 5:41 PM
Policy 2.4 Proposal:Require open licensing of CPs and CPSes Han Yuwei 5:39 PM
In September 29, 2016,WoSign stop issuing free certificate,but I still successfully get it. lslqtz 5:34 PM
Taiwan GRCA Root Renewal Request Kathleen Wilson 5:30 PM
Can we require id-kp-serverAuth now? Gervase Markham 6:20 AM
Policy 2.4 Proposal: Replace all occurrences of 'CA' with "Certification Authority' when that is the intended meaning Gervase Markham 12/8/16
Policy 2.4 Proposal: Make clear that duplicate serial numbers are OK when supporting CT Gervase Markham 12/8/16
Policy 2.4 Proposal: Add CC-0 license to policy Gervase Markham 12/8/16
Continue discussion about "Define actions or practices that bar a company from being a trusted CA (#19)" Han Yuwei 12/1/16
Policy 2.4 Proposal:Require full CP/CPS in English Han Yuwei 11/30/16
Discussion about restricting government roots to that country's TLD(s) Han Yuwei 11/30/16
Mozilla Root Store Policy 2.4: goals and process Gervase Markham 11/30/16
Apple's Further Steps for WoSign 11/30/16
Open BR Compliance Bugs Kathleen Wilson 11/28/16
Implementing a SHA-1 ban via Mozilla policy Gervase Markham 11/28/16
Let's Encrypt Blocklist Incident, November 21 2016 11/28/16
Guang Dong Certificate Authority (GDCA) root inclusion request Kathleen Wilson 11/23/16
WoSign has new roots? Lewis Resmond 11/23/16
Technically Constrained Sub-CAs Gervase Markham 11/22/16
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