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[pootle] Reminder: Firefox projects are moving on Monday, August 21 Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 3:38 PM
Focus iOS Cobalt: strings are here delphine 8/18/17
Disabled projects on Pontoon: Social API Directory and Firefox Health Report Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 8/17/17
Exporting strings for 9.0 with Xcode 9 Stefan Arentz 8/16/17
Focus Android: Strings for "Burgundy" delphine 8/16/17
Mobile projects: changes with deadlines in Pontoon delphine 8/15/17
Pootle to Pontoon migration: Catalan (ca) experience Jordi Serratosa 8/15/17
Pontoon translation memory Mihovil Stanić 8/14/17
Making unreviewed suggestions easier to find in Pontoon Matjaz Horvat 8/14/17
Focus iOS: Strings for "Burgundy" are here delphine 8/10/17
Focus Android v2.0 strings + important info about upcoming Focus releases delphine 8/10/17
[Pontoon] on reporting issues and providing feedback Julen Ruiz Aizpuru 8/10/17
Pontoon Scheduled Time Matjaz Horvat 8/10/17
Pootle migration: complete schedule is now available Francesco Lodolo 8/8/17
Reorganized Firefox preferences (again) Michal Stanke 8/8/17
L10N report, August edition Theo Chevalier 8/8/17
Pootle Mozilla Locamotion maintenance downtime Leandro Regueiro 8/7/17
Pootle Migration Schedule: Firefox Health Report is moving to Pontoon on Aug 7 Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 8/6/17
New Pontoon feature: Editable team info Matjaz Horvat 8/6/17
Content on is currently out of date Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 8/4/17
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