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˙[Firefox Screenshots - Pontoon] Copying from Helpers not possible for strings with tags Michael Wolf 7/21/17
Firefox Screenshots: Strings with plural rules Michael Wolf 7/21/17
[screenshots] Website localization for Firefox Screenshots available in Pontoon, deadline Aug 8 Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 7/21/17
[testpilot] Upcoming web experiment: Firefox Send Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 7/19/17
Focus iOS 3.4: screenshots (+ more strings coming soon) delphine 7/19/17
Reorganized Firefox preferences (again) Michal Stanke 7/19/17
Re: [Test Pilot] New experiment: Notes Francesco Lodolo 7/19/17
l10n duplication? Michael Bauer 7/14/17
Focus for Android: dot release coming up, strings have landed delphine 7/13/17
New faces in and Czech localization Michal Stanke 7/13/17
Firefox iOS 8.0 Screenshots (2017-07-12) Stefan Arentz 7/13/17
Pootle Mozilla Locamotion upgrade Leandro Regueiro 7/12/17 - language choice Rhoslyn Prys 7/11/17
The new l10n report is out! delphine 7/8/17
Firefox iOS 8.0 Screenshots (2017-07-03) Stefan Arentz 7/6/17
Firefox iOS Screenshots Luna Jernberg 7/6/17
Firefox iOS 8.0 Screenshots (2017-07-06) Stefan Arentz 7/6/17
Welcoming Kekoa to the localization community delphine 7/4/17
Activity Stream - Recent Bookmarks Michal Stanke 7/4/17
[testpilot] Updated instructions to test dev server Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 7/4/17
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