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Pootle down for some debugging Dwayne Bailey 6/24/17
Firefox iOS v8: Latest news concerning schedule delphine 6/23/17
Pootle Mozilla Locamotion upgrade Leandro Regueiro 6/23/17
Firefox Focus - Marketing? Rhoslyn Prys 6/21/17
short downtime of automation tomorrow, Thursday, 2pm UTC Axel Hecht 6/21/17
[Test Pilot] New experiment: Notes Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 6/21/17
Pootle - blank strings in Welsh project Rhoslyn Prys 6/19/17
Updates on next merge day (June 12) and cross-channel Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 6/15/17
How to mark empty strings as translated? Michael Wolf 6/13/17
Please enable Lightning on Pootle for Kazakh team baurzhan.m 6/13/17
[fennec] Added back 2 translations to Pontoon locales for Fennec Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 6/12/17
Firefox beta enabled in Pontoon Michal Stanke 6/11/17
New and final batch of strings for Focus Android v1 delphine 6/11/17
Bi-monthly community calls -- hitting pause Jeff Beatty 6/5/17
Pontoon application error Michal Stanke 6/2/17
Lists of Countries and Regions Gervase Markham 6/1/17
New Pontoon feature: Download translation memory Matjaz Horvat 5/31/17
Pootle Mozilla Locamotion upgrade Leandro Regueiro 5/30/17
Re: Annotations about new strings landing in mozilla-central Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 5/30/17
Backwards-compat breaking changes to compare-locales and l10n.m.o Axel Hecht 5/29/17
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