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Pootle Mozilla Locamotion upgrade Leandro Regueiro 8:02 AM
Firefox Focus Screenshots (20170117-0922) - ja, zh-TW Stefan Arentz 6:59 AM
Firefox Focus Screenshots (20170116-0855) - cs, es-ES, ja, ru, sk Stefan Arentz 1/16/17
I would like to contribute to Firefox Telugu Localization Vijaya Lakshmi 1/16/17
Firefox Focus Screenshots (20170114-1133) Stefan Arentz 1/14/17
Pontoon Q1 2017 roadmap and survey results Matjaz Horvat 1/13/17
Thunderbird Valencian localization Software Valencià 1/13/17
Firefox Focus BuddyBuild Emails Stefan Arentz 1/13/17
Firefox Focus screenshots 20170113-0023 Stefan Arentz 1/13/17
Focus iOS: change in deadline (sooner!) delphine 1/13/17
[iOS] Firefox for iOS v6.0 localization. delphine 1/13/17
Testing Firefox Focus Stefan Arentz 1/12/17
Firefox Focus Screenshots Stefan Arentz 1/12/17
Question about locale code mappings for Focus (ar, pl, zh-CN, zh-TW) Stefan Arentz 1/12/17
New Pontoon feature: Set permissions per project Matjaz Horvat 1/11/17
[iOS] Testing for Focus app: Buddybuilds delphine 1/9/17
[Needs Action] iOS: Focus app available for localization delphine 1/9/17
[Firefox] One string change landing soon in Aurora for Tab Crash dialog Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 1/6/17
Pontoon End-of-Year 2016 Survey Matjaz Horvat 1/5/17
Merry christmas and Happy New Year 2017 Muḥend Belqasem 1/4/17
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