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Pontoon Tools notifications order Michal Stanke 12/14/17
On cross-channel and Fx 57 Julen Ruiz Aizpuru 12/13/17
about:devtools localization Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 12/13/17
New labels in toolkit/chrome/global/datetimebox.dtd Michal Stanke 12/12/17
Link to help in Thunderbird Eduardo Trápani 12/12/17
New Firefox strings exposed on pontoon Axel Hecht 12/12/17
Localizers in credit.translation Tae Wong 12/9/17
L10n Report: December edition delphine 12/7/17
l10n schedule udpate: Focus (Android/iOS) delphine 12/1/17
Please check bugs for your locale Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 12/1/17
Untranslated string in beta Eduardo Trápani 11/29/17
Focus (Android/iOS) and Firefox iOS On Device Testing delphine 11/28/17
No new strings in Gecko-strings repository, but Dashboard shows almost 100 pending strings Ricardo Palomares Martí­nez 11/25/17
Pontoon Tools 3.0 Michal Stanke 11/20/17
Focus iOS: new strings out delphine 11/16/17
Pocket l10n Julen Ruiz Aizpuru 11/15/17
Firefox Quantum Launch Jeff Beatty 11/14/17
contribute.json and localization Michal Stanke 11/11/17
Pontoon Scheduled Maintenance Matjaz Horvat 11/7/17
Form Autofill doorhanger accesskeys are not localizable Michal Stanke 11/7/17
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