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Fwd: [iOS] String freeze this week Stefan Arentz 7/3/15
Pontoon Planned Maintenance Matjaz Horvat 7/1/15
l10n 2.2 Sign-off: Results delphine 7/1/15
Upcoming changes to searchplugins: high-res icons for Android, SSL for Amazon Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 7/1/15
New Pootle: downloaded zip does not cointain strings that I just translated Jordi Serratosa 7/1/15
New Pootle Michael Wolf 6/26/15
Updating iOS project Jeff Beatty 6/26/15
Localizer-in-training Phillipe Cavalcante 6/20/15
Proofing Tool GUI 3.0 - beta - build 76 - WIP Marco A.G.Pinto 6/19/15
Several new strings for Firefox Hello Standalone now in verbatim Mark Banner 6/19/15
Are text transformations (uppercase, small-caps) broken or unwanted for your locale? Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 6/17/15
Transvision 3.8 released Pascal Chevrel 6/15/15
Fwd: string review for voice recognition app Tiffanie Shakespeare 6/14/15
Re: Announcing MozillaBuild 2.0.0 Release Axel Hecht 6/14/15
[FxOS] v2.2 testing update delphine 6/10/15
Look back, it's never late Dicky Moe 6/10/15
New iOS strings Jeff Beatty 6/8/15
Translate Pocket Michael Wolf 6/4/15
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