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Making unreviewed suggestions discoverable in Pontoon Matjaz Horvat 5:01 AM
Calling Experienced Localizers - Support the Add-ons Localization Campaign! Ruben Martin 6/20/18
Re: Please check the rendering [Browse...] label in file input if you are working on an RTL locale Tim Chien 6/12/18
Tor Browser localization Michal Stanke 6/10/18
Pontoon: ftl Textbox size Rhoslyn Prys 6/9/18 in a new data-center Axel Hecht 6/6/18
Test Pilot Website - Color and Side View Rhoslyn Prys 6/6/18
Test Pilot Website l10n Development Site Rhoslyn Prys 5/30/18
Localized Repacks now visible on (most) pushes Justin Wood 5/30/18
Pontoon Team Info Page Rhoslyn Prys 5/29/18
Issues with mass subscriptions from addresses Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 5/29/18
Activity Stream moves into Firefox (and mozilla-central) Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 5/28/18
New strings landing for PDF Viewer Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 5/25/18
help/docs for modifying and testing translations Kyle 5/25/18
Focus iOS: locales won't be able to opt-in anymore delphine 5/18/18
Firefox snippets Michal Stanke 5/18/18
Firefox 12.0 for iOS Screenshots available Stefan Arentz 5/14/18
Firefox iOS v12: strings in Pontoon delphine 5/12/18
L10N Report: May Edition Théo Chevalier 5/9/18
Screenshots Focus Android v5 delphine 5/8/18
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