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Firefox iOS 5.0 Screenshots Stefan Arentz 2:55 AM
New language pack Taulan Taulan 1:12 AM
[iOS] Firefox for iOS v5.0 localization delphine 6/24/16
Fennec in Valencian Software Valencià 6/24/16
Thunderbird Valencian localization Software Valencià 6/24/16
Firefox for iOS, deadline is Jun 28 for 5.0 Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 6/24/16
Webdashboard doesn’t update Michael 'Coce' Köhler 6/23/16
New Pontoon feature: Filter strings by translation author Matjaz Horvat 6/22/16
MXR permanently offline, please transition to DXR Lawrence Mandel 6/22/16
Update on Devtools and shortcuts Francesco Lodolo 6/21/16
New Developer tools key shortcut keys Alexandre poirot 6/21/16
Re: Transvision: how to access "All translations for this string" view Francesco Lodolo 6/21/16
Disable/Remove firefoxos_2.5 and firefoxos projects from Pootle Tamil Translation. அருண் குமார் 6/20/16
Localization updates from MozLondon Jeff Beatty 6/17/16
Code changes in Firefox 49 and the translation process Rhoslyn Prys 6/17/16
Pootle Mozilla Locamotion upgrade again Leandro Regueiro 6/16/16
Pootle Mozilla Locamotion upgrade Leandro Regueiro 6/15/16
Pontoon and two same strings in Mozilla Advocacy Michal Stanke 6/15/16
English typo Fjoerfoks 6/14/16
Changes to Firefox for iOS Schedule Stefan Arentz 6/14/16
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