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After last Pontoon sync, strings are shown as suggested only Michal Stanke 12:41 AM
Web projects and localization testing Michal Stanke 5/4/16
Transvision 4.3 is out! Théo Chevalier 5/2/16
iOS Strings for Extensions Stefan Arentz 5/2/16
Wrong formatted strings in Fennec Michal Stanke 5/1/16
Firefox iOS 4.0 Screenshots Stefan Arentz 5/1/16
Firefox L10n Report (Aurora 48) Jeff Beatty 4/30/16
[iOS] Firefox for iOS 4.0 localization Jeff Beatty 4/28/16
Merge and Pontoon sync Michal Stanke 4/27/16
[Lightning] string change without change of property (comm-aurora) RSX11M 4/26/16
Pootle Mozilla Locamotion upgrade Leandro Regueiro 4/25/16
Leandro Regueiro 4/25/16
Thunderbird linebreaks Michael Bauer 4/24/16
Heads up: late strings for Firefox "Decoder Doctor" to be uplifted to Aurora 47 Chris Peterson 4/21/16
Status of Firefox for iOS 4.0 L10N Builds Stefan Arentz 4/20/16
Firefox Hello - strings update and testing channel - deadline 26th April Mark Banner 4/15/16
Fwd: Upcoming SSH Host Key Rotation for Axel Hecht 4/14/16
SUMO l10n strings extraction Michal Stanke 4/10/16
Use https as connection protocol for map lookups of addresses instead of insecure http Aceman 4/8/16
Changes in github are not reflected in web page ( Eduardo Trápani 4/7/16
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