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[survey] Would you localize (and how) a feature called "Firefox Screenshots"? Francesco Lodolo 3/22/17
Internet Health/Digital Inclusion Rhoslyn Prys 3/20/17
Pootle Mozilla Locamotion upgrade Leandro Regueiro 3/20/17
Firefox L10n Report - Aurora 54 Francesco Lodolo 3/20/17
Firefox for iOS Screenshots (2017-03-19) Stefan Arentz 3/19/17
Focus on Android: string freeze is today delphine 3/17/17
Focus for Android: new strings landed delphine 3/17/17
Firefox Focus for Android Screenshots No Jun Park 3/16/17
Webdashboard, webstatus and stores app are down Theo Chevalier 3/16/17
Firefox for iOS 7.0 Strings & Deadline update Stefan Arentz 3/14/17
Testing web extension permissions UI F Wolff 3/13/17
[Pootle] New strings showing up in Firefox 53 (Aurora), accesskeys Francesco Lodolo 3/13/17
Test Flight is back: Firefox for iOS beta testing Delphine Lebédel 3/10/17
Focus/Klar 3.1 now available on the app store Stefan Arentz 3/8/17
[firefox] Removing 30 Boxes from localized builds of Firefox in the coming weeks Francesco Lodolo 3/8/17
Pontoon sync Michal Stanke 3/8/17
Focus on Android: dates for l10n are here delphine 3/7/17
New Test Pilot experiments Michal Stanke 3/6/17
Firefox for iOS Screenshots 2017-03-04 Stefan Arentz 3/5/17
Downtime of l10n dashboard on Wednesday Axel Hecht 3/3/17
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