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Missing message reference Michal Stanke 3:34 AM
Migration of Preferences strings to Fluent Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 2/15/18
Firefox for Amazon Fire TV available to localize in a subset of locales delphine 2/14/18
L10n Report, February edition Theo Chevalier 2/7/18
Thunderbird Council Elections 2018 - Preliminary Electoral Roll Jörg Knobloch 2/3/18
Missing translation for some locales in Firefox for Android Beta (59.0b5) Eduardo Trápani 2/2/18
Message from Mozilla Add-ons about language pack Eduardo Trápani 1/24/18
Focus Android/iOS: What's Up delphine 1/23/18
l10n dashboard shows missing strings but Pontoon doesn't Eduardo Trápani 1/23/18
Incorrect number of plural forms now reported on the l10n dashboard Francesco Lodolo 1/22/18
Untranslated seamonkey strings not in pontoon Iacopo Benesperi 1/21/18
Reminder: deadline for Firefox 58 is January 10 Francesco Lodolo 1/5/18
Spam on the mailing list Francesco Lodolo 1/4/18
sharp 5623n toner 1/3/18
SHARP Luis Pierre 1/3/18
Doubts about trademarks and searchplugins for es-ES Fx 2.0 and Tb 2.0 Ricardo Palomares Martinez 1/3/18
[ANNOUNCE] l10n-mozilla-1.9.2 branch off of l10n-central coming 13th 6pm UTC-ish Axel Hecht 1/3/18
Do not add browser/searchplugins/ Axel Hecht 1/3/18
Social features in Firefox, Aurora uplift plan Gavin Sharp 1/3/18
On cross-channel and Fx 57 Julen Ruiz Aizpuru 1/3/18
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