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Late l10n changes for Calendar and Thunderbird for ESR 52 MakeMyDay 12/5/16
New Firefox for iOS 6.0 Screenshots available (2017-12-02) Stefan Arentz 12/2/16
Belarusian localization of Firefox 12/2/16
Firefox for iOS beta Michal Stanke 12/2/16
Firefox for iOS 6.0 Screenshots Stefan Arentz 12/1/16
[iOS] Firefox for iOS v6.0 localization. delphine 12/1/16
[firefox] New strings in Aurora for Firefox 52 Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 11/30/16
New Pontoon feature: download language packs Matjaz Horvat 11/29/16
Pale Moon localization repository Michal Stanke 11/28/16
Plural Form for locale ne_NP Nootan Ghimire 11/26/16
First iteration of Firefox for iOS 6.0 screenshots available Stefan Arentz 11/25/16
New Pontoon feature: apply multiple string filters Matjaz Horvat 11/25/16
Pootle Mozilla Locamotion upgrade Leandro Regueiro 11/25/16 translation - Kabyle localization Belkacem Mohammed 11/24/16
Translation Review Workflow: Testers needed Matjaz Horvat 11/23/16
question on firefox string baurzhan.m 11/23/16
Simple and fast Pontoon deployment from a browser Matjaz Horvat 11/22/16
Link for a localised version of Firefox F Wolff 11/22/16
Please test about:healthreport in Firefox Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 11/22/16
Update on TabCenter experiment: deadline is this Thursday Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 11/21/16
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