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Please keep Bugzilla tidy for your locale Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 9/27/16
Changes to Thunderbird searchplugins Philipp Kewisch 9/23/16
Firefox L10n Report - Aurora 51 Francesco Lodolo 9/23/16
Webdashboard and Web status Belkacem Mohammed 9/22/16
Re: PHP broken Théo Chevalier 9/21/16
Re: Android (single locale) L10n available on try! Sebastian Hengst 9/21/16
Re: Mozilla Learning Network is not listed od Webdashboard Francesco Lodolo 9/19/16
Pocket is moving to Pontoon/GitHub: 2 new strings, deadline in 2 weeks Francesco Lodolo 9/18/16
steps for becoming localizer in training Dronavalli Alekhya 9/14/16
Making MDN links dynamic to locale Nootan Ghimire 9/14/16
Guidance with a String. Nootan Ghimire 9/14/16
Re: OPEN QUESTION: Porting L10n Nightlies to TaskCluster Justin Wood 9/14/16
Mozillians website not updated with latest L10n translations Cristian Silaghi 9/13/16
Welcome New Mozilla Hindi Coordinator - Umesh Rajesh Ranjan 9/13/16
Fwd: Delay for 49 release to Sept. 20th Francesco Lodolo 9/8/16
Pootle: Feature Request Nootan Ghimire 9/8/16
Android (single locale) L10n available on try! Justin Wood 9/7/16
Upcoming changes to searchplugins Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 9/1/16
[Firefox] Please translate on mozilla-aurora, use mozilla-beta wisely Francesco Lodolo 8/31/16
New strings landed in Aurora for Firefox 50 (HTML forms) Francesco Lodolo 8/27/16
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