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Bi-monthly L10n Community Call Tomorrow Jeff Beatty 4/26/17
Firefox iOS v8: l10n schedule and important update to sign-offs delphine 4/26/17
Re: Substitution font Matjaz Horvat 4/24/17
Is it possible to add a new locale to Thunderbird? Eduardo Trápani 4/24/17
Pootle Mozilla Locamotion upgrade and moving some projects to nightly Leandro Regueiro 4/24/17
DevTools as a standalone project on Pontoon Michal Stanke 4/22/17
Changes to Mozilla’s release model: Aurora is going away, Nightly is the focus for localization Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 4/22/17
Help button too small in preferences on Mac OS X Michal Stanke 4/21/17
Issue with beta stats on Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 4/20/17
Focus for Android: delaying v1 to extend feature list delphine 4/20/17
Pontoon Scheduled Maintenance Matjaz Horvat 4/20/17
Translate promotion message of about:home firefox page Martin 4/19/17
Pootle Mozilla Locamotion upgrade Leandro Regueiro 4/19/17
Firefox L10n Report - Nightly 55 Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 4/18/17
Pontoon: Nightly projects available for translation Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 4/18/17
Bi-monthly l10n call happening in 1 hour Jeff Beatty 4/16/17
[Pontoon] New Firefox feature: Firefox Screenshots Francesco Lodolo 4/12/17
Project priorities on Pontoon Michal Stanke 4/11/17
Locale ID vs Language ID Stefan Arentz 4/9/17
Bi-monthly localization video calls Jeff Beatty 4/8/17
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