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Update on defining roles in localization communities project Jeff Beatty 11:49 AM
Localizers Needed for the Common Voice Global Sprint Konstantina Papadea 4/23/18
L10N Report: April Edition Theo Chevalier 4/19/18
About the importance of testing localization on Nightly Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 4/11/18
Fluent Michal Stanke 4/7/18
Firefox Hindi Transalation Za Sha 4/6/18
Renaming some DTD files in Thunderbird Jorg Knobloch 4/5/18
L10n-drivers goals for 2018 Jeff Beatty 4/1/18
Improving consistency of translations and other novelties in Pontoon Matjaz Horvat 3/31/18
[SeaMonkey] late-l10n implications on comm-beta by Bug 1446199 RSX11M 3/25/18
[Automating screenshot-producing-process][Firefox Focus for Android] Ilnar Salimzianov 3/22/18
Translating latest Thunderbird strings - "deferred" Jorg Knobloch 3/21/18
Late l10n change for Thunderbird for beta and ESR 60 Jörg Knobloch 3/19/18
Focus Android: a few strings delphine 3/19/18
Are there still common strings between Firefox and Thunderbird? Baadur Jobava 3/19/18
[Firefox] New Fluent migration: search panel Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 3/16/18
Firefox for Amazon Fire TV available to localize in a subset of locales delphine 3/9/18
RTL Support shipping in Firefox 11.0 Beta for iOS (Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Urdu) Stefan Arentz 3/9/18
L10n Report, March edition Theo Chevalier 3/9/18
[mercurial] Plan to remove obsolete files from l10n-central repositories Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 3/8/18
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