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Firefox 48 Android: What’s New update delphine 7/27/16
Re: Firefox and Qwant Emin Mastizada 7/23/16
New Pontoon feature: Improving in-place localization Matjaz Horvat 7/21/16
Firefox Hello - strings update - deadline 2nd August Ed Lee 7/20/16
Future of L10n Releng Automation -- Open for Requests/Use-Cases Justin Wood 7/19/16
[Tamil] [l10n] Ubuntu/Mozilla Firefox/Libreoffice - Tamil L10n Meetup @ Malaysia - Event Summary அருண் குமார் 7/18/16
Mozilla's Pootle maintenance downtime Leandro Regueiro 7/18/16
iOS 5.0 Menu Screenshots 2016-06-30 v2 Stefan Arentz 7/18/16 down? Rainer Bielefeld 7/17/16
Accesskeys, variables and ampersands for Pootle localizers Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 7/14/16
[IMPORTANT] Change in sign-offs process for Firefox and Firefox for Android delphine 7/11/16
iOS 5.0 - Soft Hyphens Stefan Arentz 7/10/16
New Pontoon feature: Preferred locales Matjaz Horvat 7/10/16
New add-on project for Firefox available in Pontoon (3 strings) Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 7/6/16
Re: DXR problem? Jeff Muizelaar 7/6/16
News about the Mozilla l10n-drivers team Jeff Beatty 7/3/16
Re: translate Jason Alderman 7/3/16
Thunderbird Uzbek translations Akmal Xushvaqov 7/2/16
MXR permanently offline, please transition to DXR Lawrence Mandel 6/30/16
[iOS] v5.0 UPDATE: l10n deadline moved to Thursday delphine 6/30/16
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