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Changes to Phising/Malware pages Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 6:34 AM
Schedule updates for 57 merge day, Beta projects and cross-channel Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 9/16/17
Firefox for iOS 9.0 Screenshots (170913) Stefan Arentz 9/14/17
Firefox iOS Screenshots 2017-09-7 (Deadline coming up!) Stefan Arentz 9/12/17
localization of Eduardo Trápani 9/11/17
Process to translate to more EU member state languages 9/11/17
Hello Everyone! ¡Hola a todos! Ciao a tutti! 9/11/17
Size for "New Container" dialog Eduardo Trápani 9/10/17
Firefox Input in German instead of Sorbian Michael Wolf 9/10/17
preview: the l10n cross-channel en-US repository, invitation to break Axel Hecht 9/10/17
Accesskeys in Firefox for Android Michal Stanke 9/10/17
Code Coverage in Firefox DevTools Michal Stanke 9/10/17
Translation: free and open source software Eduardo Trápani 9/9/17
L10n feedback for Firefox for iOS Stefan Arentz 9/8/17
Pontoon Tools - bring notifications from Pontoon to your browser Michal Stanke 9/7/17
L10n report, September edition Theo Chevalier 9/7/17
Text for phishing advisory link Eduardo Trápani 9/7/17
Firefox for iOS Screenshots coming up Stefan Arentz 9/7/17
My motivation for creating Pontoon Tools Michal Stanke 9/6/17
[appstores] Upcoming changes to AppStore (new character limits) Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 9/5/17
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