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New strings landed in Aurora for Firefox 50 (HTML forms) Francesco Lodolo 2:53 AM
Kabyle locale in Mozilla pontoon Belkacem Mohammed 8/19/16
Pootle Mozilla Locamotion upgrade Leandro Regueiro 8/16/16
Bug in Pootle? Nootan Ghimire 8/12/16
Re - Fennec home_closed_tabs_one and plurals delphine 8/11/16
[iOS] Last minute: v5.1 coming soon delphine 8/10/16
New Pontoon feature: filter strings by time Matjaz Horvat 8/8/16
Firefox L10n Report - Aurora 50 Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 8/8/16
Lightning: Strings in Eng although translated 20 weeks ago? Jordi Serratosa 8/8/16
Thunderbird donate page bug Mihovil Stanić 8/8/16
Re: Issue: Uninstall button too small Francesco Lodolo [:flod] 8/7/16
Pootle Mozilla Locamotion upgrade (again) Leandro Regueiro 8/4/16
Transvision 5.0 is out! Théo Chevalier 8/4/16
Fwd: MDN Community for the win! #2 Théo Chevalier 8/3/16
Unclear expressions in Aurora Michael Wolf 8/2/16
Firefox for Android: make sure you've translated it all delphine 8/2/16
New Pontoon feature: Improving in-place localization Matjaz Horvat 8/2/16
Wrong deadline? Kim Ludvigsen 8/1/16
DevTools as "standalone" product Michal Stanke 7/31/16
Firefox 48 Android: What’s New update delphine 7/27/16
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