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DevTools meeting tomorrow! Julian Descottes 9/20/16
New debugger in nightly James Long 9/15/16
Intent to implement: WebExtensions devtools APIs Luca Greco 9/12/16
debugger.html plan for landing in Firefox Bryan Clark 9/7/16
Untriaged bugs report Patrick Brosset 9/7/16
Do line/column numbers start at 0 or 1? Eddy Bruel 9/1/16
Developer tools and separated iframes Bill McCloskey 9/1/16
Allow user font override to be implemented per webpage rather than universally Jonathan Avery Wright 8/29/16
Localization for devtools-html : retiring DTDs and promoting LocalizationHelper Julian Descottes 8/23/16
Top Inspector Bugs Patrick Brosset 8/22/16 and good-first-bugs Patrick Brosset 8/19/16
Meeting: Managing RDP changes, Friday at 9am Pacific Lin Clark 8/17/16
Intent to remove: Reflow logging in console Brian Grinstead 8/17/16
DevTools meeting tomorrow morning! Jim Blandy 8/15/16
Remote debugging server has a WebSocket option Jaroslav Šnajdr 8/15/16
New owner of about:debugging: Julian Descottes Jan Keromnes 8/9/16
Devtools Client Code Experimentation Joe Walker 8/8/16
A few devtools extension questions Hallvord R. M. Steen 8/2/16
debugger.html - connecting to Firefox on Android? Hallvord R. M. Steen 8/1/16
Source map support in console 8/1/16
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