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Closing this newsgroup and mailing list Jorge Villalobos 10/13/16
Extension signing for companies 10/3/16
No more unsigned add-ons? Has Mozilla lost their mind? trainman261 9/25/16
AMO Server down?! Rainer Bielefeld 9/14/16
When are you going to let Norton Identity into Firefox? 9/12/16
An Open Letter from Mozilla Michael 9/2/16
Syncing extension preferences Emiliano Heyns 8/17/16
unbranded EME version? 8/15/16
Update on Signed Add-ons proposal Jorge Villalobos 8/4/16
unbranded build updates Dan Stillman 8/3/16
Signing API is on the blink Emiliano Heyns 5/23/16
One vesion of an extension with several XPI 5/19/16
Bogus DNSSEC signature 5/18/16
Install signed Add-on globally in Firefox >= 45 5/13/16
Recent "unverified add-on" errors Jorge Villalobos 5/2/16
Dragon naturally speaking 4/26/16
Nightly tester tools 3.7.1-signed is no longer compatible with Firefox 46.0 or Nightly WaltS48 4/25/16
Any ETA on signing for unlisted addons being operational again? Emiliano Heyns 4/15/16
'add-on' has been disabled due to a non-verified Add On Signing -- but it's signed by AMO! gNeandr 4/12/16
On and user (not developers) signing in Gary Valan 4/4/16
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