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Changes to unsafeWindow wbamberg 4/15/14
Taking a screenshot ncreensame 4/15/14
Reverse the order of tabs, more than once Bryan Quigley 4/14/14
Using openDialog() als 4/13/14
Jetpack weekly meeting minutes wbamberg 4/8/14
Is npmjs jpm package 0.0.5 usable yet to create addons for nightly firefox? Adrian Aichner 4/7/14
Accessing DOM when writing unit test Ben McCann 4/6/14
cfx run --logfile=filename does not create log file ( for both addon-sdk-1.16 and addon-sdk-1.15) Kk 4/4/14
Add-on SDK 1.16 issue with maxVersion in package.json. Richard Tharp 3/31/14
Windows.on(open) event is not triggered for all the Window Open Yagnya Sridhar 3/28/14
Announcing Add-on SDK 1.16! Jeff Griffiths 3/28/14
Window without an active tab? Ben McCann 3/25/14
Meeting minutes posted Jeff Griffiths 3/25/14
Australis Add-on Comeptition & SDK Resources Jeff Griffiths 3/24/14
CORS again als 3/24/14
Unable to post to this group? Dave Townsend 3/21/14
Add-on SDK 1.16 Beta 1 Dave Townsend 3/19/14
Jetpack weekly meeting minutes posted wbamberg 3/18/14
SDK release notes wbamberg 3/14/14
Jetpack weekly meeting minutes wbamberg 3/4/14
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