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start mooltiapp minimise option Gunther Vermeir 4/20/17
1.2 or 1.1 latest firmware for original mooltipass ? Gunther Vermeir 4/20/17
Cannot connect mooltipass mini on Linux Mint 18.1 Claude Fuhrer 4/18/17
Card Guide tape fix Clint Chaplin 4/17/17
Direct input mode possible? Bruno Antunes 4/16/17
Got my Mini! First impressions (Fedora/Win10) Bruno Antunes 4/11/17
We are looking for testers running Safari & iOS! Mathieu Stephan 2/9/17
Shipping cost for spare cards Andy Selby 2/2/17
Mooltipass: QT & C++ contributors wanted! Mathieu Stephan 1/28/17
Mooltipass Firefox Extension on the Mozilla Store! Mathieu Stephan 1/19/17
Mooltipass Firefox Extension (win7sp1 x64 i7) test fantasygraph 1/11/17
Mooltipass Mini Status Update: 260% ! Mathieu Stephan 11/20/16
Mooltipass Mini Status Update: What a Week! Mathieu Stephan 10/16/16
The Mooltipass Mini is Live on Kickstarter ! Mathieu Stephan 10/15/16
Mooltipass Mini Status Update: Our Campaign Goes Live This Monday! Mathieu Stephan 10/8/16
Mooltipass Mini Status Update: FCC/CE certifications passed! Campaign start next week? Mathieu Stephan 10/1/16
Mooltipass Mini Status Update: Campaign Launch in a Bit More Than a Week! Mathieu Stephan 9/27/16
Mooltipass Mini Status Update: Starting to Shoot the Kickstarter Video Scenes Mathieu Stephan 9/26/16
Mooltipass Mini Status Update: First Success at Firefox Compatibility! Mathieu Stephan 9/17/16
Mooltipass Mini Status Update: Everything On Track for the Kickstarter Campaign! Mathieu Stephan 9/11/16
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